Self destructive

I’ve tried to google self destructive to try understamd in general about the actual definition of self destructive behaviour but i find it a little vague.
So i figured that advices from some of you around here would be more helpful.

I know i should be asking all those question with myself but i’m really not sure about it anymore.

How do i know if i’m a self destructive person? Could it be just cause of suicidle thoughts and desperations from life in general?

If i am then how can i change that and turn it around?
What if i can’t help it? What if i’m not the cause of this situation and it is actually maybe just maybe the cause by the place that im in that puts me on limits in life that feels sort of a prison like.

Any advices would be helpful and greatly appreceated.

Are you “your own worst enemy”? Do you sabotage opportunities by not controlling strong emotions?
Being self destructive is about getting in your own way and destroying chances to have something good.


How do you talk to yourself? Like, in everyday life, or when things go bad… when things go great… what does it sound like? Is it positive and excited and curious, or is it negative, destructive, and paralyzing?

Are these things that you say to yourself things that you would say to your very best friend? If not, then you are self-destructive. Trust me, I know :sweat_smile:

If you are hampering your progress (in whatever way that may express itself) then you are destructive.

if you are inhibiting yourself through negative self-talk, limiting believes and so on… May I suggest you check out Mel Robbins ‘Mindset Reset’ series on youtube. Awesome stuff, and a lot of mental goodies in there. And there is no sales pitch. She is simply that awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

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To those questions the answer is no i actually thinking and talking to myself positivley accordingly
But ofc things that would make sense and not just blindly thinking in a poaitive and reasonable way.

I was just wondered for a bit if self destructive is suicidal toughts no matter what happens and every time i feel so fucking desperate.

Also u made a pretty clear point tho

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