Self-created Methods vs Authentic?

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I won’t address the other questions since a few have replied and given you some direction (I will advise you to avoid Thorsson and his ilk like the plague) this is about runic formulas specifically.

There are a lot of made up answers here and speculation and if that’s what you’re going for then that works. However if you want to stick to the most authentic version you can send me a message.

I won’t put the numerous formulæ down here because why give those who pretend to know this stuff any more actual material they can pretend to understand?

Three of the most basic formula are Alu, Laukuz Alu, and Lina Lauker. These are found on runic talismans (taufr) and weapons in many places. There are hundreds of formulas we use.

Some for health, some for fertility, some for wealth etc. These mainly were born out of the vitkar of previous ages writing down what worked (Laguz, Berkana, Laguz as opposed to Laguz, Fehu, Laguz and on and on)

The formula are already created for most things, if you want to make your own formula that is a bit more complicated process but send me a message with what exactly you are trying to accomplish and maybe I can help.

The method employed (rist the runes in tines, taufr, bone, rock [never paper, paper is moot]) determines the rune method used(rune, bindrune, formula, galdrastafur)

Hope that helps


Magick differs from religion, we care about what works, not what’s most “authentic.”


It’s funny you assume I was speaking about religion.

Unless you mean anything you concoct and claim works for you (UPG) is magic and will work for every person who does the same?

I’m curious to why you say that because I’ve been really looking to get into learning the runes and working with the Norse, but something about Thorsson’s works turn me off for some odd reason. I’ve read through them but they don’t resonate with me at all.

Not really, I sent you a PM asking you to do an intro and saw the link for in your profile - that, combined with your use of the word “most authentic version” seems reasonable to assume you hold ythe lore and historical use in higher regard than the stuff we talk about here.

No, because that’s not how magick works.

That would be an incorrect assumption.

So, why did you write this?

Made up (I assume you don’t think people are outright lying) means, created on the fly, not taken from tradition.

In itself, it’s a neutral statement, for sure.

But then you judgmentally follow it with this:

Mainly because Thorsson is a wiccan. He puts forth a lot of sourced and truthful info and then smears his wiccan bs on top. Same with a few other runic authors. Same with all too many it seems, just throw in a whole bunch of horseshit and as long as one or two others agree with you then it is gospel.

Because you made an incorrect assumption.

No, he’s LHP and has written an entire treatise on that topic, and had some kind of schism from the heathens due to it.

In an earlier post, before you started posting here?

Which one? I shared MY methods in this topic, how can I have assumed incorrectly about my own worlk? I think we may be talking at cross-purposes here. :smiley:


Agree to disagree

That he wrote the book, or that he believes what he says he believes?

The book Hermetic Magic leads me to think he’s sincere, to be honest. :man_shrugging:


Actually it’s probably more my definition of what a wiccan is.

You seem to really just want to start a war for no reason. Maybe “moderation” isn’t your forte?

Because I asked you questions when you came on here and acted like we’re all “pretending” and you alone have authentic answers, and then went off on weird tangents about stuff?

Nope, this isn’t a pacifism forum, healthy debate and challenges, especially when grand claims are made, is normal round here. :smiley:

He does sex magick, is that what you meant?


Not being rude but could you guys take it to pm?


I’m pretty sure he isn’t though. From what I’ve gathered and read he was a high ranking member of the Temple of Set along with Michael Kelly before he started the Rune Gild.


What does thorsson being wiccan have to do with this?


That’s a lot of incorrect assumptions. Also a lot of judgemental doucheyness.

A. I didn’t name anyone specifically, and I didn’t imply everyone either.
B. I certainly never implied I alone had authentic answers.
C. I don’t mind healthy debate or a good fight, except when it is arguing with ignorant assumptions made by some misled clairvoyance.

The fact as to whether not:
Thorsson is a credible source, is wiccan or anything other than the question I posted a whole year ago is irrelevant.
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✦ Irrelevancy: stick to the topics. Nobody cares what you ate or how much you weigh. These comments will be removed without further notice