So i’m using Seere to speed up a love spell i casted in the beginning of June. I did the pendulum and he said he could have it completed by the end of july and him and i would be dating. We got into a fight in may and he said he wanted to stop being friends ever since then, and we have been on and off in our dating relationship for almost 2 years. We broke up in March and had been friends since then. Seere said to text him by sunday, and so i texted him today and he told me that he’ll be polite to me, but doesn’t want to talk. So my question is, how can seere make us dating by the end of the month, if at this point he doesn’t even want to talk, that’s in 3 weeks. And it’s not like him responding is a step forward, cuz even if he’s mad at me he’ll respond. Can someone just give me advise

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You put your faith in Seere, so he should answer those questions.
Also, you have to introduce yourself.

3 weeks is still a while away, you don’t know what can happen before then. If Seere says he’ll make it happen, trust & believe him to make it happen. You have no clue what he’s making happen on the backend, and how he plans on making things manifest…

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