Seere help

So I did a spell with seere at the end of june for my love spell to happen quicker. Seere said that he could have it completed by the end of july and him and I would be dating . It’s the last week of July so I contacted him again to see what’s happening, and now he said the middle
of August it’ll be completed and we will be in a relationship. Does anyone have a reason as to why the date keeps getting pushed, as this is like the 3 time its happened.

Could be there are unseen circumstances going on behind the scenes that you don’t know about, and they’re causing the delays. There could be resistance with your target that’s causing the spell to be slow, maybe someone else is in the picture and that person needs to be eliminated…there could be a varity of reasons.

All you can do is trust Seere and let him do what he does. Good luck :bouquet:


it’s not seere or it’s just in your head that you think it’s seere. they wouldn’t keep changing dates.