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Hello All

As many know due to my posts, I have been practicing everything and indeed have had some unique experiences. However, to this day I question them even tho visions or even kinetic-poltergeist type phenomenon have happened, I easily get in the “this is all fantasy” mode without full manifestation.

Now I have done a total(I counted) of 18 Evocations, 5 Invocations and opened 10 different Spirits sigils in the past 35 days. This is not including the massive efforts I put into these practices 3yrs ago.

Daily I have practiced seeing energy, feeling energy and the various Rituals I just listed. I made a post about my practices so this has nothing to do with lack of dedication or in depth astral work.

A few times throught the 35 days I experiences very little response, no full manifstation.

So my question is this. Despite ALL this practice, everytime I Evoke, Invoke, or open a Sigil - Properly with respect down to the detail, I dont get full manifestation.

Can someone please help me figure out whats wrong? Believe me it has nothing to do with a specific practice or discipline as I have and do perform them all with patience and respect.

Thank You!

You say you see no visions or voices. Ok, first of all (and not trying to be a smartass, but this can easily be overlooked in beginner excitement) are you sure you have properly developed some sort of clairaudience/clairvoyance at this point? Structuring and energy work help immensely with this, but it’s not something that develops immediately. I’ve been working on my clairvoyance for over a year and have only scratched the surface of what is possible. The only reason I can hear spirits is because I was raised to do so, so I have years of experience guiding me.

I’m not trying to get you down, I think the best thing for you to do at this point is pick a few goals and let the results speak for the spirits and their presence, all the while practicing on honing these psychic abilities. Getting a bunch of spirits and energy involved in your life is just going to have them and your desired results clashing and getting all mixed up in each other.

Also, if you’re getting impatient, you could ask/pay someone else to channel some demons for you and see if any step forward to work with you. Sometimes that boost of faith, that knowing that they want to work with you helps facilitate communication. I did so myself when I first started off and that was how I found my first demonic mentor.

Probably I’m not at all equipped to give my two cents about this. As I’m relatively way behind than any of you ever were in their learning curve. However Satori, I’d like to narrate my story here. Probably you can or not relate to it.
So you know I belong to India, was brought up in an orthodox Hindu family. Religion was a typical stereotyped worship for me. The ideology of questioning the temple is oblivious to Indian society. One more thing, under Hindu religion you are programmed to underestimate yourself. The whole system breeds on fear (mostly the truth for any religion now days). Being a naturally social person I tend to lay faith very easily and when it was broken I started questioning this complete way of existence. That led me to JoS. Now I started doing all sorts of prayers and rituals written in Jos and many other websites. After 3.5 years of no materialization I became angry and quite honestly my faith started to deplete. Then an year ago my life took a complete downward trip. I lost all the money, my car got totalled, I incurred a total debt of about $10,000, and every personal/ professional relationship was broken and finally I was kicked out from my job. Story of my life sounds so clichéd, isn’t it?

So, finally at one night I sat down and literally shouted at Satan of how he is a liar and how he’s broken my trust. What you know, the very next day during my usual internet research on finding a way to help my plight. I came across E.A’s videos. I saw all of them. Now mind you, I never had any intentions of making him my saviour yet the very next day I woke up and sat down to write an email for help. With certainty I knew he wouldn’t reply. However, not only he did reply but I was introduced to a whole new level of life - Magic.

Sorry for being a bit emotional there. The point which I’m trying to drive home is; this forum, you all, my mentor, my knowledge, and the future life that I will have. It all traces back to that one moment of frustration where I said “Satan you are a hoax, you have never answered my prayers”. It’s now I realized how everything since last 3.5 years have been fabricated by Satan only. How he made all those pieces of this jigsaw puzzle fit together to lead me here. I am completely indebted to him for it.

This being said, even the last three weeks that I have spent in this world has not been a cake walk for me. I still can’t materialize anything. I still haven’t developed any skills. I still am a novice. On the other hand none of the situations in my mundane life have instantly got better. I still have no job, no money, no ways of paying off my debt and no partner. But I am not frustrated anymore. I see a salvation in this path and somehow I’ve tapped into this really calm but powerful Himanshu within me. This all wouldn’t have been possible without my mentor, you and everybody here. Eric got me introduced to Amicus Christy, a real gem hearted guy who came forward first just to help me but later after days of discussion accepted me as his apprentice. A few days ago I wanted to work closely with Bune but I was just not good enough to do an evocation. After a few failed attempts Amicus helped me by channelling Bune for me. Trust me the things Bune said to me were revelations. Amicus could never have known in depth about so many things of my past thinking system. The first question that was asked to Bune was “Why have I failed?” to which Bune said “Who said that he has failed?” I stated this here to tell you that even though I was not skilled enough to see, hear, feel or anything I had not failed. Mind you Bune is the Duke who bestows money and I’m still broke. When Amicus asked him “why”. Bune said “because I don’t know how to ask for it”. So you see, it’s not the system. It’s not the spirits. It’s us who needs to tune to their frequency.

Well I have really taken a lot of your time here. I don’t know if I’ve made any sense. Given the fact I’m a horrible writer. Nevertheless, as I said these were my two cents (pun intended because of the length of this article, it’s anything but two cents)

Until next time. Take care.


I’m flattered Himanshu

Yeah if you need a demon channel, just email me.

[email protected]

Thanks you for your always sage advice. You have helped me ALOT on here and I am grateful. My astral senses are open. I am naturally empathic/sentient, partly clairvoyant, able to remote view and have done a few mediumship/possessions in the past. I feel either two things are happening, one I need to just remain dedicated and continue to enhance my visual focusing skills plus master energy work or two there is a block on my senses with the Demons. I have done a few spells for specific things, doing everything right including expending desire and visualizing as best I can but the results were minimal. Again I know this will get better with time but I wasn’t asking for much in these rituals, mostly LHP skills and a few physical changes. I would be truly grateful if someone could help me figure out which Demon wants to work with me so I can focus all my time and energy working with them instead of various Demons. I reach out to many because I am unsure which specific ones wish to work with me.

Thanks for sharing your experience Brother. Those practices I recommend do indeed work, I just find myself getting frustrated sometimes because unlike rock climbing or martial arts, you don’t see the effects as quickly, even the beginner ones. This is indeed a path of Mastery and will take immense dedication. In the past I studied and practiced Zen, Shamanism, Reconnective Healing and MANY other pantheons. However, when it comes to Evocation, despite my past 3yrs ago practicing Magick, I am coming at this totally fresh, clean slate and humble enough to know I have alot of room to grow. I sent a few more links in a private message to help you.

I originally read your story on Koettings facebook page and have been grateful for what you shared in PM’s. You sound alot like me. I wasn’t into hiduism but I used to live at a Zen monastery. Eventually all paths lead to the LHP for me. I did the same exact thing 3yrs ago, found JOS, did everything they said, dedicated my soul and all that with no real results aside from my life turning into utter chaos lol I went from JOS to the Goetic Demonolatry to the Dukante Heirarchy and messed around a bit with the Maskim. After doing so, I became a drug addict, lost my mind and went on heavy psychotropic meds, lost my health, lost my connections with friends and family, and just overall went through 3yrs of hell. Today I am drug free, off the psychotropics, balanced on all levels, healthy and coming at the LHP with renewed strength and wisdom.

I am happy to see you here Himanshu, being genuine and honest with others, knowing there is alot of room for growth. This is a truly magickal forum and I too am grateful for everyones help.

I would like if Aschristi could maybe help me find my Guardian Demon, a Demon who will step forward to work with me so I can dedicate all my energy and time to them. As of now I work with many as I am unsure as to which one wishes to work with me.

How do you develop Astral Vision? To communicate with spirits? And stuff of that nature? The development of the “6th sense” basically?


I made a powerful list of practices to open all astral senses I gathered from people on here and in books and put them in a post here…

I also HIGHLY recommend you download “Beginner Psionics” as to master Visualization(structuring) and energy raising/manipulation. Those are super important skills on this path, equal to belief. You can download the guide here, trust me brother you will love it once you start reading it.

Then I came across this series of videos regarding why and how magick works that are awesome! I mean this is pure, simple and too the point from a guy with great experience. Sometimes we have to go back to the core, to the basics and master the elementary understandings. Now mind you, he does not speak of Angels but there is a kind of light overtone to it. It matters not because these have helped me immensely. He has other series but watch this series first, trust me its good stuff. I thought I was ready for evocation mastery but in reality I skipped over mastering the fundamentals.

Why Magick Works - Part 1 of 4
Why Magick Works …and why it doesn’t, PART 1 of 5

This is GREAT as well…
Daily Practices - Part 2 of 4
Daily Practices on the Magickal Path, PART 2 of 4

[quote=“Satori Diavolo, post:5, topic:4099”]Today I am drug free, off the psychotropics, balanced on all levels, healthy and coming at the LHP with renewed strength and wisdom.

I am happy to see you here Himanshu, being genuine and honest with others, knowing there is alot of room for growth. This is a truly magickal forum and I too am grateful for everyones help.[/quote]

It humbles me to know your story brother. But you have come a long way from there and that makes me proud of you. You used a very important word there “Today”. I guess everyone here, well may be most, have had almost the same path. Definitely at different times and in their own different ways but the template of this path has been the same for all. Therefore, we all when collected here can see through each other, understand each other. That’s what makes us a family.

Also, I’ve already said this to you in our PM but the video you posted below is mighty helpful for any beginner. Everyone should give it a look, even the masters. It gives a great perspective. I’ve recommended it to Amicus as a must see to know my thought process. I suggest, if you want, you can get in touch with him about your need. He’s posted his email below.



I would have to say that looking at your person regimen, the first thing that struck me was that you were spread too thin. You have approached it in a manner of being a jack-of-all-trades; you’re trying to be good at everything at once. In theory, this sounds like it makes sense, the whole idea that one should be well-rounded. However, there are two observations that come to mind looking at this.

Going over that list of regimen activities, I found that there is no one exercise that your are practicing for more than 12 minutes a day. Your Psychic Vision and Energy Sensing work has been divided into 2 exercises that are only practices 6 minutes per day. What this means is that with these 4 exercises, no one exercises has gotten practiced for more than 3 hours. In 30 days, you would have only managed to have spent 3 hours practicing each exercise in total, and no more than 6 hours per skill combined.

What this boils down to is this: you possibly spend more time on your computer in a day than you would spend practicing your magical skills. Moreover, the weekly on your computer almost certainly trumps the monthly total time you spend on these magical skills. I’m not bringing you down here, but I’m pointing out that the concentration of time you get to spend on these skills is not very substantial. Moreover, it probably is bested by things like socializing, computer time, or television in high capacity.

This leads me to my second point, which is that not only magick, but even things like fitness, learning, moneymaking… they aren’t best approached by trying the idea of being “well-rounded”. Most well-rounded people will actually have their start in being able to concentrate and master only a few things at a time rather than trying them all at once. If I tried learning to be a gardener, a plumber, and a car mechanic all at the same time, then this time next week I would be sitting down at home gorging myself on a Netflix marathon of some anime that I could probably live without. However, If I just mastered gardening, there is a good chance that I will not only succeed far better and far faster, but also that I will pick up skills that I need for being a mechanic and a plumber. In gardening you gotta treat things with care, become familiar with tools to build dividers and raised beds, lift heavy things over extended periods of time… these are all valuable things that are worthwhile for the other two skills.

In magic skills, this spillover effect is almost a staple in these skills. Energetic sensitivity and psychic senses are probably the most basic skills in magick. However, if you can’t building a momentum of practice that registers as substantial, then your aren’t really picking a formula that is likely to succeed. Your probably spend more than 6 minutes a day taking a shit. I’m not saying that 6 minutes cannot produce results. However, you should expect that things will take a pretty long while to come around.

Like many people on this forum, you seem eager to contact otherworldly entities. However, I would highly suggest that you use that ambition to fuel another necessary quality: patience. You don’t have the skills that will allow you to confidently approach evocation, and that is why you are frustrated. Rather than raging or letting it get to you (I’m not saying you are raging, but it could happen at this rate), you should focus some of that time on some basic skills. You can wait 2, maybe even 3 months to talk to entities rather than trying to jump the gun. I know EA talks about doing shit like going straight into evocation, and that’s fine for some people. However, many people need to chill and let that shit build for them; I was one of the gun-jumpers.

I personally learned this practicing a Taoist Energy meditation know as the Microcosmic Orbit. You can find it anywhere online, so it’s not like this is some secret thing. However, at that time I would practice 2 yoga movements - Surya Namaskar and something from Yogi Bhajan known as the Sat Kriya. I would do these two things for a total of 3 minutes, followed by 30 minutes of Microcosmic Orbit. I did this 2x a day, and it was pretty simple and quick. I didn’t do anything else, and kinda thought I was slacking.

Then one day, looking to test some of the physical benefits of my practice, I practiced a still sitting posture known as the Egyptian Chair Pose. It’s been popularized in Franz Bardon’s work and I thin Chuckie mentions it as well. It’s just sitting still in a chair with your back perfectly straight while remaining perfectly still. This sounds easy, but it’s probably harder than most yoga asanas. However, I’m sitting in this posture dead still, I mean ore statue than a statue. I’m thinking, “Holy shit, I’m killin’ this exercise.” What I was not ready for was the energetic power of this posture: In no time flat, I was nearly jumping out of body like it was a reflex like coughing. Since I had no use for astral projecting at that time, and because I was training that posture, I managed to stay in body.

This whole situation took a tremendous amount of concentration; remaining still while my astral body was extremely active. However, without ever training astral projection in my life, nor psychic sight, nor even direct concentration exercises, I managed to do all this with relative ease. I could see my energy, I could concentrate on both the physical and astral bodies equally, and I could’ve walked out my body at any time I wanted to.

Of course, what did I do with this new-found ability? I went off and decided to try everything, and thus not only did nothing to advance, but terminated the practice I had set up due to overload. Rather than realizing that energy training and the physical energetic practices in yoga were cultivating skills that were all useful, I went immediately for what I thought to be the “golden egg”.

I’m not trying to scare you from your practice, nor am I trying to tell you that what happened to me will happen to you if you syncopate your practice. However, there is a reason why evocation is usually a later skill, and also a reason why people stay with the basics for a while. I mean, you are chanting bija mantras for 12 minutes a day… many of those mantras are meant to not only be chanted several thousands (in the hundreds of thousands) time overall, but they are also to be chanted in a deep state of consciousness. Not saying they will not work, but again… there’s a good chance you’re going to be at it for a pretty long time.

So my advice is to syncopate and spend more time on your basics.

[quote=“the1gza, post:9, topic:4099”]What this boils down to is this: you possibly spend more time on your computer in a day than you would spend practicing your magical skills.

I mean, you are chanting bija mantras for 12 minutes a day… many of those mantras are meant to not only be chanted several thousands (in the hundreds of thousands) time overall, but they are also to be chanted in a deep state of consciousness. Not saying they will not work, but again… there’s a good chance you’re going to be at it for a pretty long time.[/quote]


Thank you for your insight.

Even I am a beginner at this and definitely way behind and way more anxious than Satori. Let me tell you a funny story, today while coming on this website I was thinking to myself “man I’m spending a lot of time here". I mean now I feel I’m literally to be seen in every recent thread. That’s even before I could read your post. Anyways, I’m writing this post because even I am working on Satori’s regime for myself. I mean it’s not entirely Satori’s. What I have done is amalgamated a few that I could find on this forum and prepared a regime of my own. Yet I would credit Satori and The fool for guiding me as the entire intelligence of those exercises are theirs not mine.

Lastly, you did mention about Bija Manifestation exercise. Please throw some light on it.

P.S. I’ll attach the word doc I prepared as a scheduler for myself. Feel free to provide feedback.


Exercises for TGS.doc (37.5 KB)

Autogenic Exercise - scanning and phrases.pdf (67.5 KB)


Thank you for taking the time to write that insightful and in-depth reply. It is inspirational to me knowing you have remained dedicated to overcome your plateaus on this path. I will use these words as a reminder and guidepost when I feel stuck or spread too thin to continue with patience.

One thing I would like to touch on is something that is important to me. When I was 11yrs old I had trained my way onto a National Sport Rock Climbing Team and became officially sponsored by Clif Bar at 14yrs old. This literally took olympic style training everyday. However, each day I would focus on a specific skill, ranging from clipping endurance to technique, balance and power training. As you said, I am indeed spreading myself to thin and I recognize this now. I am now going to return to the basics and master each skill individually instead of everything in one day. Deep down I know this but needed the reminder. I was getting frustrated indeed with little results. On another note, I have practiced Martial Arts my whole life and did state tournaments for a few years, walking away from it all for private practice 4yrs ago. I currently practice Wing Chun with Ninjutsu Kuji Kiri active breathing meditations. My natural inclination is to go all out on things but the LHP is something that must be walked with total patience.

I intentionally do not own a cell phone or a t.v. for the very reason they distract me. I have a house phone but I only use it to call people, utilizing a private number, I enjoy being independent and doing my own thing. However, as you know, I do have a computer and about 100 physical books covering most pantheons of spiritual practice. This forum has become an addiction as it is a meta-platform of Magickal wisdom and the sincerity of it’s users is warming. I do work as an EMT and at my Rescue Squad in between responding to emergencies I use the internet to go on here but I keep all these practices private. My colleagues just see me as a nature loving rock climber, martial artist who is excellent in treating patients.

From here on out, I am going to master 2 practices per month. Upon reading and speaking with many, I realize we are sometimes lead to believe we can jump straight into Evocation. Yet, in reality without the basics of visualization and energy work, we are not remotely prepared for such advanced works.

Below is now my new routine and it took me humbling myself to realize these are the two basic skills one needs to master on this path. I’m going back to the basics.


  • Stare at candle flame for 10 minutes
  • Put a tick mark on piece of paper for every thought that arises
  • This will allow me to focus on one goal, one thing at a time while also clearing the mind. It gives energy a singular focus.


  • Look at a flower for 10 minutes
  • Put a tick mark on piece of paper for every thought that arises
  • Do not describe flower, just look at it
  • This will give your mind the ability to visualize strongly, easily and clearly. I will see the flower without trying after looking at it for so long. It gives energy its ability to take shape after mastering focusing power.

Thank You very much the1gza for the wisdom, reminder and inspiration!

Himanshu Brother

Thank you as always! It’s interesting that pain and adversity is what usually leads people to this path. It’s like we all reached a point where enough was enough, it’s time to consciously create our reality instead of being at the mercy of stray energy and sub-conscious reactions creating our lives. We are all creators but there are much more powerful and focused ways to manifest our reality then the average person seeks to know. So we are in essence blessed by our pain that it leads us to be the master of ourselves, our reality and ultimately creation as a whole. I am truly glad I can help in some ways and that we are both surrounded by so many awesome, wise LHP practitioners willing to share there wisdom. I will PM you about a few things.

“Now I see that I will never find the light unless, like the candle, I am my own fuel, consuming myself.” - Bruce Lee

Alice In Chains - Angry Chair

[quote=“Satori Diavolo, post:11, topic:4099”]the1gza

Himanshu Brother

Thank you as always! It’s interesting that pain and adversity is what usually leads people to this path. It’s like we all reached a point where enough was enough, it’s time to consciously create our reality instead of being at the mercy of stray energy and sub-conscious reactions creating our lives. We are all creators but there are much more powerful and focused ways to manifest our reality then the average person seeks to know. So we are in essence blessed by our pain that it leads us to be the master of ourselves, our reality and ultimately creation as a whole. I am truly glad I can help in some ways and that we are both surrounded by so many awesome, wise LHP practitioners willing to share there wisdom. I will PM you about a few things.[/quote]

Sitori - I second your thought brother. “Tick mark every thought that arises” sounds like Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret. I love that book. It kept me alive during my early days of struggle.

This gives me a wild idea. So we do agree that for beginners like us it is very easy to fall in a trap of frustration. After all everyone who is beginning with LHP, especially magic is at a point of break down in their lives. So, as soon as a ray of hope is seen it is but natural for anyone to sprint towards it. Failing to realize that the path ahead is still rocky and it will require patience and precision. The point I’m trying lay here is; it is partially an unintended fault of our magical elders (seniors). Even though they are the ones to show us the light and every word that they say to show it is completely a truth. With magic one does become the master of his life. Ascent is all and everything that has been said to be. However, it does not happen overnight. Yes it is true the science and procedure involved is absolutely a cake walk for anyone to do but only once the skills are awakened and mastered.

Therefore, why don’t we try and build something for people who would come after us? Along with every single detail that we have been enlightened with. Why don’t we provide information of struggle as well? Not the pre-initiation struggle but post-initiation struggle. I’m saying and this will require a chime in by seniors like Lady Eva and others, let’s build up a thread where the elders write their struggle period (just the time period) from their awakening to really achieving their first evocation or materialization. Alongside they can also mention the materialization or the change they brought about in their life with their first successful spell.

To drive the point home, it would create a chart for any beginner to see the relativity of speed and reality along side with achievement stories. It is my personal opinion that achievement stories really are great motivators. Beginners like us we can mention our Goals and training schedule we seek to follow.

For Example :
Master: - Lady Eva can post – took me X months to learn evocation/divination/soul travel and the first change I achieved from magic was a house/a car/ money/ lover/ etc.
(Lady Eva sorry to have mentioned you as an example. Not saying the above mentioned stats are true about you. Just thought you being a senior can be the best example to state)

Himanshu: - Master evocation in 2 months to evoke Bune to gain riches, wisdom and eloquence from him. My training schedule is xxxxx

Everyone please put in your thoughts.


Well I began when I was a child, I remember being 8 or 9 and trying to do spells, and for many years I got precisely nothing, then eventually (because I was evoking, without knowing that word, various gods and spirits into statues, images or fetish items like decorated branches, as well as doing spells and just plain trying to manipulate reality) I started to sense a presence, then occasional words, images or “coincidences” would happen, then I finally attained reliable soul-travel, clairvoyancy & clairaudience, and so on.

But I’m not “senior” in any sense - I can communicate well with spirits, but I still do foolish things, my life’s not perfect, and I can’t reliably expect to snap my fingers and wake up to a new sports car out on the drive! :slight_smile:

Magick’s complex and I don’t think it lends itself to a grade system, unlike academia - some people brand new to magick are extremely gifted (maybe as a result of past-life or ancestral inheritances, or just some spirit taking a liking to them) and attain amazing results in some areas almost from the begining, others work hard for ages and stuggle to do things most of us find fairly basic, most of us are in between…

In my own history, I was a child, told NO-ONE about this and wasn’t even sure magick was real because it began back in a developmental stage when everything’s a game and abstract thought’s not properly developed yet; so, I can remember a few key events but I have nothing approaching a magickal diary charting my progress during the critical early years, but they were YEARS and not just overnight like Harry Potter or something! :slight_smile:

They were also years of pain, despair, massive upheavals and family problems at times, and a total isolation that you guys in these days of internet forums and podcasts etc., can barely imagine, and I’m not alone in that - most people who got into magick young walked a long way alone before the internet and everything it brought with it made this as accessible as it is.

So I always understand the struggle and the need to hold onto hope, and will do anything within reason to help anyone going through that, but don’t tell me that a few years as a reasonably safe and independent adult, with all the social and educational support available to you now, is too much to go through, because I and a few others on here have had far worse barriers and yet we kept trying and finally attained our abilities and sucesses.

That’s not meant to be harsh, but I am being deadly serious - I went through a lot to get here and I find the idea of people downloading plush video tutorials in their comfy homes, and then giving up when gold bars and lingerie models fail to materialise within a few months, well, a wee bit annoying!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit to add: after sounding like grumpy granny there, I want to add a seperate note that I believe Dynamism - the speed at which you keep going and the force you apply in NEVER taking “no” as the answer is a key element in magick.

My practicing hasn’t always been consistant, and whenever I’ve slacked off, no matter HOW good the reasons, I always seem to lose far more than if I’d kept going, pedal-to-the-metal, so I think this concept can boost even a newbie’s work if they truly push forwards and don’t have “giving up” anywhere in their minds as an option.

Finally, I’ve never done any of the courses on this site (nor have I read my copy of Evoking Eternity yet) so I can’t even try and offer a commentary on how fast those methods can or should work, I found the sigil-opening exercise from the newsletter almost immediately useful but that was based on where I was at last year when I found it.

Having faith in yourself, faith in whatever system you follow (instead of holding onto the binary possibility that magick just doesn’t exist) and above all KEEP WORKING is my best advice to everyone, at any stage. :slight_smile:

Aaand another PS: this “seniority” thing doesn’t work for me, but some people have more experience, some less, and I like this concept as a way of handling that, to prevent toxic ego or crippling humility afflicting anyone: The courtesies of the sorceror. JMO there and it’s probably obvious but I’ll say it anyway, that that’s not a “moderator” statement, just my personal approach, and I know people differ in how they view concepts like status and so on.

My GOD there is a lot of good information here…

I was always aware of spirits around me. I could feel them, especially elementals in nature, but I could not communicate with them.

I was a Levayan for a little while, and I felt these same feelings during a ritual that I believed was purely psychological. I couldn’t deny their reality for long though, which eventually caused me to leave CoS philosophy, and went over to Setianism.

Later, I discovered that I could summon the being that the Christians call the Holy Spirit. I couldn’t control him, but the power of this experience was so powerful that I left Satanism behind for Christian Mysticism.

I reached a point where I could go into ritual, and fill the chamber with the spirit’s presence almost instantly. I only needed some way to interact with them.

I watched some videos on channeling, and read through some or EA’s stuff.

Basically, I go into ritual with a particular spirit, and after I feel the spirit’s presence, I pose questions to the spirit. I wait for either a word or phrase or feeling to come, and say what comes to mind.

If I’m new to working with a spirit, I have difficulty sometimes differentiating between my voice and the spirit’s, so I have to go on faith that the words are spiritual and not coming from my ass. As my relationship with a spirit develops, though, the distinction becomes more clear. The more I disagree with the spirit, the faster the distinction develops.

Demons are the exception to that caveat, as they are usually easy to distinguish.

I can only see spirits with my inner vision right now. I basically go into a powerful daydream, allow my imagination to go blank, and see things emerge. They can be spirits forms and sigils, to entire astral kingdoms. That’s how I walked through the Vast Deep (the astral kingdom I describe in detail in my new book) despite sucking at astral travel.

My own regimen is basically: breathing/mindfulness, raising kundalini, and working the Inner Fire.

Other than that, I evoke as often as I can.

Actually I could have saved y’all a novel there :smiley: and just said that every success I’ve had was as a result of building good working relationships with spirits, beginning with gods, then various lesser known entities met when I began practicing Core Shamanic methods, and most recently demonic and, in the case of Raphael, angelic beings.

Pacts and mutual interests carry you far further than taking a slapdash approach (not saying you’re doing this, Himanshu!) and aiming for one good relationship would IMO be the first goal, and then work from that to get the skills and outcomes you need.

Point taken :slight_smile:

Do you get a feeling of emptiness after the operations, a feeling that wasnt there before, or things remain just as when you started, no change at all?

Honestly, haven’t really noticed it. So probably because of this I’d say no change at all. Else, if any change I would’ve noticed.


Honestly, haven’t really noticed it. So probably because of this I’d say no change at all. Else, if any change I would’ve noticed.


Are you facing the same issue as Satori? Sorry, I didnt read the prevoous posts fot they’re hella lenghty .–. What I was about to suggest Sayori is to try a sort of mind game: External Invocation.

Feel your awareness or your energy, feel anything that you know belongs to you. Dont try to feel inside you, but outside. Where does your, lets say, aura ends and the environment begins? Notice Im using different terms for I dont know what are the concepts you work with, nor the things you may be aware of. In that threshold, the outermost part of you, you will Invoke, not to have the energy inside of you, but to have the energy in that very place, that outermost part of you.

One out of three things will happen eventually: your consciousness will expand to that place, that pla e will flood inside you, or both.

Id pick some angelic being such as Metatron or some planetary spirit or intelligence, maybe of some planet you have retrograde. Demonic energy tends to pack and compress, and only after you have too much of that energy is that it will start expanding in the so-called Ascension.