Seeking the sigil of Lord Amaymon

Hi, I hope you all are doing well in these challenging times. I have what is probably a very basic noob question, but I cannot find a sigil for Lord Amaymon anywhere. Does he have a sigil? I’d like to have a piece of art honoring him and King Lucifer in my home, but am at a bit of a loss to find a sigil for Amaymon. Thanks in advance for your help!

You can find a channelled sigil on VK Jehhannum’s site, and you can find a classic sigil in the grimoire The Sworn Book of Honorius.


Amaymon · Enn Meditation Chant [Also The Black Sun, Lucifer Amaymon] - YouTube

Is it the one they use in this video? I’ve seen somewhere, someone relating Amaymon to Amon, which is a sigil that should be easy enough to find, but I don’t know if that’s accurate tbh.

I googled it thinking it was an easy thing, and came up with Amon’s and was like hmm. I know I’ve seen someone say it’s the same spirit, but I dont know…

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Here is the sigil from The Sworn Book of Honorius:



Definitely not the one in the video then. Hmm.


There doesn’t seem to be one specific seal for him because, at least in the grimoire tradition, he’s not supposed to be physically evoked like the lesser spirits in the hierarchy.

Edit: The one in the video bears a striking resemblance to the Dukante seals so it might have been personally channelled.


@555 Had you searched this forum, you would have found EA’s Gatekeeper sigils…


None of those images are functional though, if you can view them please post a screencap, they do not display for me

I’d check your browser settings and such, they are visable to me. make sure you have date on, that kind of thing-if your on your phone.


Dude, the thread I linked has working images. I checked, but fine.