Seeking help with divination for a specific name

Someone cursed me a long time ago (yes, I’m sure. No, I didn’t curse myself. This is what caused me to dive into magickal practice, and I’m fine now. The curse has run its course).

I have an auspice as to who did it, but I really don’t want it to have been them. I have not only intuition but some reason–which could possibly be coincidence–to believe it was them.

I am looking for a divination method that is free of bias that I could use to provide myself with a name specific enough to be certain who it was, whether it was them or not. I’m afraid that with all the methods I’m familiar with (tarot, dreams, pendulum, runes), either it can’t give me an actual name, or there is room for my own ego/suspicions to insert something that may not be true.

Consequently, I am seeking the expertise of people who are more involved with divination for help with procuring the name of this person. Or if you were given a name upon seeing this and you feel comfortable sharing it, I’d appreciate it if you could share it with me.

Any help with this task is greatly appreciated, thank you so much.

To remove the emotional aspect that can interfere with things like this, look into Associated Remote Viewing or ARV. You set up an interesting image for the options, and the remote viewer describes the target which should be one of the images. You take the viewing results and decide if it describes one of the images. If so, that’s the answer.

This is used for finding things like lotto numbers as well where the subject is too emotional and audio, numbers are hard.


Thanks @Mulberry . So I would set up the target as “the person who cursed me,” but present it to the viewer as one of a few remote viewing options? Like have the suspects set up in an RV lineup? I’m going to look more into this but just want to make sure I’ve got the right idea.