Seeking a mentor

Hey, I’ve talked a lot on this forum about how much suffering I’ve went through my whole life. I started studying magick almost one year ago and right now it’s my last resort. My only hope of turning things around.

Is there anyone willing to mentor me? I really want to learn and I am a fast learner. I’d be so thankful if anyone would he willing to help me.


Petition your ancestors for guidance and get a solid book that can make you go hero from zero.

Thats what I would do if I had my mind back then.


How do I petition my ancestors?

I’ve recently bought and studied Gordon Winterfield and Damon Brand’s books but I just don’t feel like I really know what I’m doing.


@anon84423462 perhaps it would be safer to use instead of “without harm”… either “safely” or “securely”. These are strong positive words.

Well, I guess so.I have never had any problems using without harm, but its always good to improve :+1:

It would be a problem if it was a subliminal for sure, but petition is your request to something else so.

You’re probably better off on the public forum, people can get you in PM and start saying all kinds of crazy shit, or manipulative stuff, and it can’t be fact-checked or subject to general scrutiny, if you see what I mean. Predators love invitations like this!

I’m not saying that’s common on here, 99% of people are just dedicated and serious magicians and in no way out to fuck with you, but if you begin with the public stuff, you can start learning how to give any advice the old sniff test. :wink:

Start here:



Sweet One - I am going to second everything everyone has said about working with the ancestors. They will be your greatest strength as you overcome the obstacles you face in becoming a stronger individual.

Good luck!

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The luciferian way of becoming is individualistic. Work alone with the Gods of the Qliphot and they will guide you to your true self, to achieve being your higher self