Seeking a lateral move from armchair magi to magi

What are the basic requirements?
What is the day to day like for magi?
In lieu of LARPing, what do magi actually do?
How can I best fit into this workplace now?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


I’m not sure what kind of answer you’re looking for, but most magicians live a pretty normal life and don’t really do anything all that out of the ordinary. They generally work a regular job, make time for meditation or ritual, go to the gym, raise their children, go shopping, attend school, etc.


Day to day like common rituals, daily work.


Practice, practice and practice.

Time to take those book smarts and put them good use practically.

Take a look around your life first and decide what’s good and what’s not and start flexing your muscles.

I like to work on what I consider projects. I started with working on my life and then I branched out to helping others.


LBRP and middle pillar are two rites I’d recommend. Begin learning bornless.

I’d do a daily tarot card meditation a one card draw.

Perhaps once a week a petition.

You could get started that way.


Another suggestion I’d say would help you alot is to start training your clairs.


Yeah, per my accountability journal, I do LBRP or LRP, RR, BA, and QC.
The only GD ones I’m not doing are the adept level rituals, rose cross, BRH etc.

Just looking to know myself as a real mage and help fellow armchair magi earn real stripes.

Here is yesterday’s journal for example (still not done backfilling the journal.
Haven’t done an entry for today or tomorrow, know what else I have to do.


I need to open my Clair’s and develop them.
A good recommendation?

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Yes absolutely. Some people do alot of meditation to achieve this and that’s one way to do it. I prefer actual spirit work to train those faculties. Pick a spirit and start training with them. Took me six months of hard work with Prince Orobas but it paid big dividends.


On the note of LARPers and Armchair Mages, what defines them as that? What hesitations do they have of doing real Magick?

I’m still a recovering Christian in terms of religiousity, but there is my obvious fear or hesitation - what if I’m being conned?


That completely depends on what they practice, and their personal needs. Some do more daily practice than others. It’s completely personal.

My personal daily program, for example, is probably more than most people have time to do. I do at least three different forms of meditation (usually no-mind, trataka, and mantra chanting) plus energy work and some kind of ritual daily. I probably spend at least three hours most days doing something to further my magical development, but not everyone has that kind of time to spare.


Well armchair magicians don’t actually practice magick they just talk alot of big talk about it. That’s pretty lame.


Okay, so another obvious question for LARPers and Armchair Mages, why evocation instead of or with invocation?

Is the hesitation using enns or mantras? I’ve no issues with that.

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Yeah no doubt about @DarkestKnight always does his mantras and meditations I’ve followed his journals religiously and I can attest he puts in the time. More than I do certainly.

He’s right to you have to build your practice and decide what that means and what’s important to you.


I haven’t seen too many armchair magicians that were into evocation. It’s too dangerous for them they think. As far as LARPers there are alot of fools that rush into evocation without doing the preliminary trainings and they end up eaten alive by parasites or badly used and deluded by evil spirits.


When I did Goetia work, I used zero protection except perhaps for a LBRP before and after.
I used incense, a candle, a copied sigil, and an enn.
I told them what I wanted to occur and gave license.
Now I do an Invocation to the tune of teach me.

Most people on this forum don’t actually practice invocation, at least not by the traditional definition, but there is no reason why you couldn’t. Do whatever you feel like, but do at least something every day, whether that is a daily meditation or a simple ritual.

Practicing magick is like going to the gym, consistency matters more than what you do. For example, it’s better to find twenty minutes every day for meditation, than it is to do a half-assed evocation every three months.


I don’t understand real LARPers on this, but with AM, and magi alike, the art also does crafts. And I think the common excuse is I don’t know how, I don’t have tools, I don’t have money, etc.
I, for example, can go to Michaels or Lowes and get a few different dowels, but I would rather take what Nature itself gives me.


Of course for me, drawing an intricate circle with Hebrew or other lettering, symbols, knowing what each represents is difficult to say the least.

And I fail at Prepatory Immersion or Subjective Synthesis and correspondences.

This can be a hesitation on jumping into real magic.

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I see you like notebooks and charts and the placement of stars and the phases of the moon. ( I do too :blush:) That’s excellent and I think incorporating all of the above into your practice would suit you very well.

I agree too that consistency is the most decisive factor in growing and being successful. Like I said before you gotta experiment and find where you are being successful and once you’ve got the ball run with it.