Seeing skulls

Hi everyone

Has anyone else seen skulls when closing their eyes and meditating? Or otherwise? What would this mean? It happens to me but I welcome it. Anyone else have thoughts / experiences like this?

I’d say that the spirits of the dead have some messages for you/want to work with you.

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That’s interesting.

I do get sudden images of eyes and faces, (not dead ones though) , usually nonhuman, always unique, sometimes looking as surprised to see me as I am to see them. I haven’t figured them out at all. I feel they are real entities, and it doesn’t feel bad, actually it doesn’t even feel personal, just accidental.

Watching this thread just in case the feedback overlaps really…


Yeah, I am haunted by eyes especially or sometimes faces, but in my case the eyes/faces most of the times are human. What do you think it’s the factor that causes those experiences to happen?

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I would get them rarely as a kid, but it started in earnest a couple decades ago when I learned qigong, and only ever happens when I’m just doing qigong. If I’m busy journeying or in ritual it doesn’t happen. My mind has to be relatively unoccupied, just watching the energy gather and move around the meridians. There’s a blockage clearing technique I use from the water method of Taoist meditation and it happens during that as well.

I might add, the most frequent types look like eagles eyes or lizard/snake eyes, often yellow- and slit-eyed, with intelligence behind them - they’re not animals. If they weren’t gone in a split second I’d try to talk to them.

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Sometimes I also see lizard/snake eyes watching and looking at me, but mainly I see human eyes watching me almost everywhere.

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In some cases I also could feel inteligence coming from the eyes that follow me, but sometimes they have just something special/weird/distinct.

Now that I think about it, I’m not certain if mine where watching me, and then stop because I’ve seen them, or if we just see each other at the same time, or what.

@Gitana7 are your skulls watching you or are they more of a symbolic thing do you think?

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I had a feeling that it means working with the dead. And yes they are looking towards me

It could be symbolic of something coming to an end and starting a new beginning.

Or as listed, Necromancy. But I’m leaning towards the first option. Simply because of the energy this week.

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In my case, I was watching those eyes and then the eyes were staring at me back… But at first when whenever they appear, they start to look at me.