Seeing owls while you can see through your eyelids--ajna chakra opened?

Salve,This is addressed to E.A. Koetting himself, who I have found by chance today. Anyone with information or experience with the following is welcome to comment as well.

I was initially skeptical, because there are so many showmen today, but whenever someone mentions the “3rd eye pressure” and the benefits to follow with accuracy–according to my and others’ accounts–I am convinced

I was doing 108 Om chants when I woke up at 4AM for ~20th day consecutively, and that morning during my session of Japa the ajna chakra began to hurt because of its activation, I soldiered on until the end, it ofc felt like my head was going to pop. After the final Om, I saw a few splotches of color appear, as if paint were dropped on a canvas, and then everything began to lighten up, my hands were darken than their surroundings, and everything was blurry and in greyscale. I did every reality check, and walked around with my eyes closed like this, but eventually decided to bask in the fruit of my discipline. I looked towards my bedroom door while sitting on my bed I saw this blue orb–as if looking at a streetlight from a great distance it appeared fractaline–and said twice, “I can see you,” with a big grin on my face. Not 4 seconds later my vision was totally obscured by a giant black owl with a white face, almost like a barn owl. I was frightened due to the suddenness, and returned to normal consciousness. For a week afterward I did not meditate, but every time I would wake up–even if it were pitch black–I could see the outline of everything in my room.

You are a learned man, and though you may not give such secrets away on a public forum, I would like to know what that was. I’m almost certain you have a clue. There are other things I would enjoy discussing, but your time is valuable. I appreciate any response, and thankyou for your previous publishing, and this forum.

For the curious reader I will also meantion I did theurgy whilst laying down an hour before going to sleep each night.

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If you want a direct answer from E.A. you might like to join his weekly livestream or Patreon; he’s not here so very often.

Have you been calling any entities that could ID as an owl? If not, this is most likely what I call “astral wildlife”. There’s a LOT of that and the work you are doing kind of “lights you up” on the astral and attracts attention. You were noticed.

I recommend setting up proper wards so random entities are not allowed to just wander through your living space. Not all of them are harmless. :slight_smile: Search here for “spiritual hygiene collection” to find a quick shortlist of our favourite tutorials written by members over the years. Or try Robert Bruce’s book on psychic protection: " The Practical Psychic Self-Defense Handbook: A Survival Guide".

During that time I often had sleep paralysis or vivid dreams. A white ball of light, I assume is another astral specimen, a few of my friends and I saw a blonde woman with a weird folded over 50s haircut in our dreams. I assumed at the time that I was simply becoming more open to all this.

There’s a book called Your Psychic Powers & How To Develop Them (copyright 1920 by “DODD, MEAD AND COMPANY, Inc”) that specifies flowers being “like lights” to spirits for seances and such. but I’ve noticed the same ‘lighting up’ effect when listening to hz rate music while sleeping, horrible dreams or vivid ones which make you prone to hypnogogic hallucinations. A family member reported to me that they saw a cloud of mist disperse in the back yard that morning as well. Fog too low to the ground and too thick to be fog. I’ll be sure to look into this book, that owl did ruin a fun time of mine, but I don’t think I’ll be spooked again by him or his like again, as you said, there are worse things.

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