Seeing Butterflies Everywhere?

Hello, BALG members. Hope your day is well.

If in your interest, I would like some help in solving a particular mystery. For the past year and a half, I have been seeing butterflies almost everywhere. Like the ‘repeating numbers’ phenomenon, this butterfly symbolism seems to be constantly following me. I feel like this is another form of synchronicity, but I’m not sure how to interpret it.

I see it everywhere; in real life, on TV, on tattoos, statues, videos and movies, pictures, hell… even the literal word ‘butterfly’.

What’s more, it seems as though sightings of this symbol have almost tripled, ever since I discovered the demonic kingdom. I see it a couple of times per day now. Could anyone assist me i determining what this butterfly symbolism means? Is there a spirit trying to get my attention? Which spirit is associated with the butterfly? Thanks in advance.

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Seeing a butterfly means transformation. For example when a person is going through a caterpillar mode then suddenly they go through change (I hope that makes sense). Butterflies also means personal growth, endurance, belief, good luck and happiness. It could be Psyche. Butterfly Goddess | Mythic Living
If your trying to find the spiritual meaning of specific animal or insect, deity association then I would advise you to use Google.


Thanks for the information :blush: . The aspect of transformation applies to my current situation. Amazing how the universe speaks to us!


@LuciusOfficial reminds me of my experience:
Lots of butterflies