Lots of butterflies

I’m seeing and am surrounded more and more by lots of butterflies. I mean 30+ counting and in different colours, different sizes but mostly big ones.
Even people around me started to notice. My house is now surrounded by them. Sometimes they’re trying to come in but they’re mainly in my garden. I haven’t added any new plants or flowers to the back garden where they’re mainly at. The swarms of butterflies extend to the side of my house and when I’m on my way out i come across them too. It first started off last week with the odd one here and there. Purple, white, black, brown, yellow, now also these ones here:

Just a few i have captured on photo. There are so many flying about that my son ititally thought they were birds.

I’m getting asked why we suddenly have THAT many butterflies and various species as well. I have lived here in this house for many years and never encountered this happening before. Haven’t changed anything in the garden. I have cats coming in quite often as well, relaxing. Random cats but I’ve known about it for years and happy that they enjoy the surroundings. I try to leave everything untouched and to nature. Same with birds. The love the garden, just not when the grass is getting high lol

Anyway what i was getting at. Could this be a sign of transformation since i started working with deities? Like showing me physically that they’re in my life?

Last time i had feathers shown up on my path (unusual colours) when i left the house now the butterflies.
Also when i went to a Cafe last week. I just took a seat, they had a big black butterfly coming in. It scared the staff because they thought it was a bat. They were a bit creeped out and said they never had one coming in before. I laughed but didn’t think much of it until now.


Well in a science theory maybe there mating in your garden…buts that’s a theory…a science theory (I watch to much game theory stuff on youtube)

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Butterfly orgy :laughing::joy:


Yeah i know what you mean. I usually try not to make a big thing out of ‘signs’ but it’s like…wellll can’t ignore that now. :roll_eyes::sweat_smile:

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Maybe someone is like “Here’s a beautiful butterfly as a sign for my love. what. you blind? have more butterflies, more, moooore!”

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Hahaha :joy::joy::joy::+1:

you are lucky. I have flowers in our garden that is suppose to attract butterflies. They usually do. lots of them. this year not so many :frowning:

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Coincidentally? I found a small butterfly flying in my shower before a few hours! I don’t know what that means and what butterflies means spiritually, but they are beautiful and very interesting creatures so their meaning probably is something positive.

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My apologies for just jumping in here😝

Wow, those are a lot of butterflies indeed!
From what I know, butterflies are the representation of life, death, rebirth. Kind of circle of life kind of thing.

Where I am originally from, they say seeing a single black butterfly represent death. Once while at work, a black one sat on the ceiling for a while and a lady said, someone in here is going to get bad news. Next day or so, a relative of one of the people that were present passed away.

But I guess that has to do with how you perceive things yourself. This was years ago tho.

I myself think they represent growth, prosperity and overall joy. This is also what I read online about the spiritual meaning of them.

Have things been going well for you lately? Cause to me it comes across, as if you might be in doubt about if you deserve all these good things happening to you. And the answer from the spirit is; you don’t believe it? Well Okay, let’s bombard you with butterflies untill you start realizing that you deserve all the good happening to you and embrace is.

So in my opinion, this is a very a good sign!
Start rejoicings in all the good things that you so clearly deserve!

I’d love to hear about how you got to this point :hugs:

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I’ve had a difficult time recently. Full of physical and emotional pain. (Coming to terms with a chronic health condition, mental health pushing my boundaries of what i can cope with). There has been death in the family. Stress and pressure from work. Problems within the relationship. Financial struggle.

Still trying to come out the other end but now I’m getting support from all sites. I’ve been isolating myself a lot. Had to re-evaluate, re-think, re- organise my life, friendships. Cut out fake friends but also reconnected with old ones and made new friendships. My life is changing. I’m setting boundaries.

There’s more focus on myself and i have to change my way of thinking too. Instead of trying to heal everyone else, it’s time to heal myself. I’m not used to being my own priority.

I’ve been very worried about finances, work, the future. Very difficult to see a positive outcome when every aspect of your life is in total chaos.
It’s slowly settling.

I’m not used to asking for help but i started to jump over that fear and trying to reach out to others. I met so many nice people along the way. I need to get out of that ‘loner’ mentality. Seeing these butterflies does cheer me up.

I do actually have a butterfly tattoo. It was my first tattoo and i had it done after a massive life change. I broke free from the chains of my own life. The things that held me down.
As i was writing this reply to you. This butterfly came up on the window. It’s my bedroom window this time.

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And yeah i find it hard to see that good things are coming my way. I don’t know i guess I’ve always been a pessimist thinking I’m actually realistic :thinking:because then i can’t be disappointed. If you know what i mean. It’s a copic mechanism to prevent emotional pain.
I rarely feel joy or excitement. It might be due to depression or just my general outlook in life. Yet I’m radiating positive energy to others :joy:

You cannot heal others if you are in need of healing yourself. I got that message too not long ago.
You need to care for yourself and not feel guilty about it.

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Thank you for sharing! I’m reading this and I think to myself is this for real? This could have been my words exactly!!

Don’t sell yourself short by thinking you are a pessimist. This is a very normale reaction, and I fell you 200% on the trying the ward of disappointed by doing or thinking a certain way.

After reading your original post and now your reply, I am very certain that things will look up for you soon and will only get better.

Those butterflies are there to remind you of all the good that is to come, but even more so to help you see and believe it!

If you would want to talk further, you can always pm me. I can relate to your reply on a very personal level. So if you even wish to talk to someone who has been there too, I am here :hugs:

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Thank you so much :heartpulse:

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True. I’m just not used to it and people close to me aren’t either. That’s why i have to set the boundaries. It’s a learning curve.

Thank you :sparkling_heart:

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