Seeing an eye when my eyes are closed

Have you ever seen, or heard of seeing, an eye in your mind every time you close your eyes? I understand that seeing an eye during invocation is pretty standard, but I’m specifically referring to seeing an eye any time, whenever you close your eyes.

I have been taking an unofficial break from things because I have been super busy and feeling burned out. I haven’t been restful or relaxed enough to invoke any spirit and I know I am in no position right now to hear them. I have, however, still been doing weekly tarot spreads or to ask questions as needed.

Anyway, whenever I close my eyes I see an eye in my mind. Sometimes it’s just the shape of an eye. Sometimes an eye with a pentagram over it. Tonight, I asked in my head and kept asking, “Who or what is this eye that always watches me?”

The eye in my head changed. It was still an eye, but now it was looking down, and from it a golden triangle was pouring out like light.

I started naming demons in my head, hoping to trigger a response. Finally, the name “Vespar” just came to me. I both heard it in my mind and the letters appeared vertically in purplish letters. I can’t find that name anywhere besides some sort of video game.

My gut tells me though that the eye itself isn’t “Vespar.” There might well have been an entity around me that is called that, but that energy disappeared immediately after the name appeared. I have been seeing some version of “the eye” in my mind ever since I’ve been blocked with all this overwork and fatigue. In fact, when thinking about it, way back on the first night I successfully invoked a demon I clearly saw (with my own eyes open) an eye with a shimmering rainbow pentagram swirling and changing colors around it.

What does the eye mean? Is it possible that it is, in fact, a representation of my own third eye? The portal through which I make contact?


When I saw an eye it was the eye of EL. Maybe look up some images of ‘the eye of EL’ and see if it’s the same eye.

What I say couple times in my mind and 1 time physically manifest in front of me after a invocation of EL was this

But he manifested with the right eye not left. And a little bit more cheek than the picture.

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Several users on this forum have talked about this, including me. I don’t get shapes though, for me these look like my subconscious communicating awareness of entities around me. I often see an expression of some emotion with it. It’s never my own eye.

I take it to be my subconscious telling me: “I have been seen”… By who, or what, I don’t usually know.

If I see an eye that looks say, bird like, then that means something about the entity reminds my subconscious of birds. It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s actually a bird. The subconscious is tricky like that, very symbolic and allegorical, and it’s why you can’t take it literally, same as dreams.

I don’t know what a rainbow pentagram would mean to you: but that’s what matters: meanings are subjective and highly personal I don’t see those as it means nothing to me, so my subconscious can’t use it to communicate anything to me. So you might like to meditate on what pentagrams and rainbows communicate to you symbolically.


Theres also they eye of tiamat, which looks similar to the pic above but its more reptilian.


I don’t get any useful results when I look this up. I’d like to learn more. Can you point me in the right direction?

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Maybe ‘Masonic eye of EL’ ?

I see a 4k HD completely clear purple eye when I close my eyes. This has been happening for over 5 years now. Still no clue what it means unfortunately. It changes from a dragon eye to a human eye frequently.


I’ve had this off and on, but when it started it didn’t practice any magick. I thought it was somehow related to the 3rd eye.

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I recently read here that this is connected to a practitioner’s awakening moment in life. Personally, I used to see them occasionally before, but now for the past few months, even though I’m not spiritually more active than usual, I see them very clearly and frequently. It’s usually one eye or multiple eyes, often different from each other. After that, clear conversations between some people started happening for me. Honestly, I haven’t made much effort to uncover who or what they are, and for now, I just let them be. I connect them to my clairvoyance gift that I’ve had since childhood, which brings novelties every now and then.

My intuitive opinion about this is that they are spirits observing us on our journey. Certainly, as someone who walks in the shadow, we are more visible to these entities than others. As we awaken more, some people become more susceptible to this gift, seeing clearer images than others.

So consider yourself fortunate and see where your intuition leads you. I believe everyone needs to discover this on their own, as I think it might not mean the same thing for everyone, and it’s connected to awakening as well as discovering one’s gift.

We already know all the answers…just need to remember…


I sometimes see an eye, and occasionally it looks angry. At other times it looks calm and peaceful. No idea what it means.

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Ive seen that


Same here, but I can’t define if dragon eye, more like reptilian eye.

Like others, I’ve taken it as “connection formed” with a specific entity (typically one that I’ve been trying to call earlier). Similarly my subconscious tells when connection to spiritual world is open (blue light/mist) and when the connection is shut down (just black). I guess an eye is a common symbol in our subconscious minds to show we have a conversation-connection to someone/something, since you typically watch the person in the eyes who you are specifically talking to.


Have you tried going through it yet? Give it ago and see where end up.


Give what a go? ^^;;;

Going Through The Eye Of Tiamat?

Okay. Ill try it

Interesting, I have this too sometimes, just the eye, not dragon one. And sometimes I see faces of people, it is like they are in front of me and I can look at the face and study all the details… weird.

When I know I have my 3rd eye open in meditation, I feel like a portal opening in front of my forehead (where the 3rd eye is) and is like a vortex, has depth and things start to show up in that portal. When I just think random thoughts the visions do not appear 3d but when 3rd eye is open everything is 3d and happens in front of the eye… not sure how to explain better. I find it fascinating. This only started to happen to me in the last 12 months when I started manifesting and meditating more.