Secret names of angels

I red V.K jehannum secret names and chants to archangels but I can not believe that are actually secret names of them !

Raziel :
Raziel + Kalaga + Galizur + Arandracal + Nalalagondra + Ratziel + Arisandragandra + Reziel + Arimgathagondralon + Rezial

Channeled Invocation of Any Angel

Release the Celestial Currents of the Realm Beyond
Manifest the Glow of the Angelic Numinous
Illuminate My Consciousness and Fortify My Body
Take Hold of My Heart
And Saturate My Essence with Your Power
Shield Me Against All Interference
And Engender the Permutations of My Gnosis!

Enzort! Larg! Norhen! Garhen! Sakrall! Iansar! Zorrahnen! Yiassahna! Yentaghon! Zornassen! Ionzar! Ziasor! Liekhana! Zorhen! Djagassahn!

____________ Norenja Zala Niassak (x4)

Zennor-Yahg-Zilla-Yiag-Nar (x3)

______________ Lizzaghen Djod (x5)

Ave! Ave! Ave!

Rafael :
Alakatondra + Zilimkadra + Asimga + Einakathor + Aenith
Channeled Secret Names for Raphael

Michael :Sadrintala + Rasoron + Asimgaloth + Sagata

You kind of answered your own question. If you don’t believe these are correct, chances are if you try to use them your own doubt will kill the magick and you’ll just confirm your belief.

I put VKs stuff under the general banner of UPG, meaning, try it, if it works, great keep it, if it doesn’t, doesn’t matter, forget it and move on. It’s not like the old grimoires that have a mass of generations of supporting experiences and belief behind them. Even the traditional time tested stuff doesn’t work 100% for everybody, but is reliable enough to keep trying if it fails first time. Modern UPG, not so much, time is precious, so manage it wisely.

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Does it really belong to angels or is deceitful genie behind those words?

Then ask the angels themselves, I don’t really believe a lot of what VK puts out but that’s just me, you can evoke them the “normal” way and see what they have to say with your own UPG/experience and go from there.

That is a false dichotomy, there are many things it could be if it turns out not to be the named entities but instead impostors. Djinn are kind of rare in the US, so they’d be the last thing I’d expect.

I haven’t looked into the specific chant in the OP so I have no opinion either way.