Secrecy and the Spiritual Path

I recently had a small period where i had convinced myself i was done with all spiritual pursuits. I decided to just take life with a grain of salt and focus more on the practical, mundane activities and responsibilities of life. I was determined that outside of basic little meditations here and there, and the occasional reiki video (spiritual or not, reiki works :man_shrugging:) i would just let go of all inclinations to delve into spirituality that arose. Long story short, i experienced things and now im back on track. However i have decided to keep majority of my spirituality to myself and i have become tediously selective about what i share with who. My question for you all is in your own personal path, what are the guidelines you have adapted as far as determining what you keep secret and what you share? Im working towards establishing some relative balance in this area.


No pearls before swine: it’s a waste of pearls and annoys the swine. Or to put it a nicer way, “dare to know, and to be silent” (paraphrasing). Silence also has meaning.

Some people talk for the sake of talking and just like the sound of their own voices regardless of whether the talk is useful; I think it’s worth speaking only when you have something meaningful to say, and ideally the person you’re talking to has invited the information. Even then be circumspect about what you share so you don’t overwhelm them. I feel zero need to talk about magick with people who are not into it.

Guideline: When the teacher is ready the student will come.


I have always kept my path my own business, I don’t go around talking about it. I’ll ask questions sometimes, I’ll do my best to help people with their questions, but anything else I keep hidden. That could be a result of growing up in a super cult christian household and having to hide it, or maybe I just haven’t met the right people to share it with who knows.

The thing though with paths, each has their own to walk. You said that you experienced things and now you are back on track, but honestly you may have never been off track. Maybe you were meant to take a breather, a bit of rest is always good. Of course, no one but you can decide that, and no one else’s opinion of it matters (including my own lol). What matters is that you’re happy where you are at.


Ditto pearls before swine comment. Sometimes I am in the closet, sometimes out. I am learning to gauge the seasons of my practice now. Sometimes I am called to do something publicly, like wear a sigil. Lately, I’ve been hearing keep it to myself, and that I overshare with family, stop doing that. I know that people around me actively or subconsciously work against me if they know that I’m a witch. Such as christian prayers for my return to the church, or words for my punishment and destruction, that my work would come to naught, that I would be made to repent for my sin. That’s the battle in my region and it can interfere with my workings. So now I’m shutting down the outward appearance of practice, except when publicly doing something as an offering or to satisfy my part of an agreement.


My guideline is that people are overall unreliable when it comes to keeping secrets.
So far I haven’t encountered many practicing individuals I would share my more deeper findings with, and I paid dearly for doing so in the past (when I was enthusiastic/stupid and looked for some sort of belonging or mutual understanding).

These days I don’t share such things unless I am explicitly asked, and even then the situation must meet a certain kind of criteria before I talk. If I sense anything off = no exchange.

People who don’t practice don’t know about my involvements, I don’t wear anything magick related when I meet people and I don’t give myself away when I meet practicioners in the flesh, either. The aftermath of telling and regretting isn’t worth it.


That’s pretty legit. I think the most powerful are the most willing to blend in and content to be taken as John Doe’s.


I think its pointless to talk about my spiritual path to other people unless I really feel like its something they NEED to know about me. It really isnt anybody’s business. Most people wouldn’t understand anyway, they will either scoff at me or be very afraid of me.

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Its completely up to you. Much will depend on your own inclination and where you live, those around you etc.
I maintain strict secrecy. A small number of people know that I practice reiki (they do to) and some other energy work, I only do distance.
Everything else is entirely stealth. Over here, most people would think I was crazy and there would be professional ramifications too.

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