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I have a question about ghosts.

In Islam, dead people don’t become ghosts. Ghosts are described as evil jinns who use their power to cause fear in people or to harass people, thereby fooling them to believe in ghosts or apparitions.

However, in Western spiritualist tradition, ghosts are departed souls of dead people who may have not found peace and closure on earth.

So, which version is true. Do dead people [unless they have met an untimely and violent death] become ghosts? or are the poltergeists and hauntings the malicious tricks of the bad jinns?

Can someone recommend a logical no-bullshit book that shows modern day 21st century examples and proves that ghosts exist? something that even skeptics will believe with enough evidence.


I have never seen a ghost but if they belong to both traditions then either could be true, certain types of jinn may pretend to be ghosts or dead people are ghosts but either way they are made it is shown in both traditions and or religions then they could both be true but shown differently because of the location or the history of the place.

I personally don’t think you can find much out there now that has a no B.S. answer to your question, older books are extremely hard to find and can be expensive or outright unbuyable! The 21st Century is made of people claiming to see things simply to become famous but it usually backfires as most people have become used to the fact that these sites are fake so any real evidence is disregarded and lost in the web to things that people do believe.

The world has been adapted to things being fake and will immediately dismiss something even though there is plenty of proof behind it, people who bring up this evidence are called conspiracy theorists and frowned upon until they themselves try to prove it fake.


There is nothing skeptics believe. There is no scientific evidence that can prove ghosts as yet.


It’s both. Sometimes spirits can masquerade as the dead, other times you are really seeing the essence of said dead person.

I’m not sure what you’re asking for in regards to evidence. You either believe in ghosts or you don’t. You’re definitely not gonna find any articles in peer reviewed journals on ghosts, even if one materialized in a room full of scientists. Paranormal phenomena is considered fringe and too taboo to even take seriously. Any scientists trying to prove otherwise risk not being taken seriously themselves.


To me ghosts are the essence of sorrow and misery of the humans manifestation before passing on.
Many myths indicate that every human being that is born carries with him another being (angles and demons are mostly common but there’s many more)
Also known in Islam قرين (qareen)

It’s also said that jinn can be your double or other being not all jinn as Islam believes are evil
They are similar to humans in many ways.
when passing on they would take the fourm of there double out of sadness and sorrow.
So yes most ghosts are jinn but not all of them.


The short answer is that ghosts/ poltergeists can be shades of the dead, spirits or thought forms.
Now for the explanation:
When people experience strong, often negative, emotions for a longtime, those emotions can be accidentally projected into a thought forms. These thought forms can go on to become poltergeists ( you see this stuff occasionally in houses where someone was abused for a long period of time: the whole place feels sad and the air is often very heavy ).
The spirits don’t really need too much explanation. Spirits can be attracted to an area, or welcomed in etc. When their influence is significant enough, they can start to interact with the physical world around them.
As for shades of the dead, the answer is going to depend on how you view the human soul. As in, whether you feel humans posses an immortal soul that will persist forever, or if you believe humans draw in energy from the world around us and build up a soul over time ( a mortal soul that slowly dissipates upon death ). Personally, I’ll be answering from the second view point.
When a person dies, their soul leaves the body and begins the process of fading away. During this process, it can continue to carry the will of the dead person, in much the same way energy channelled in a ritual carries your will forward into the world. In this way, the human ghost is similar to the poltergeist. If the person had a strong enough will to exist, you can see some spiritual activity. Again, it happens most often with negative energies, but can also arise when someone was very spiritually powerful or simply felt they had more to do before they died.
I wouldn’t listen to what Islam teaches about anything, it’s just a mishmash of stories that were popular during Mohammed’s time and teachings that benefited Mohammed’s rise to power.

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Also going with both… and more. Hauntings can also be human ghosts that have chosen to stay (not stuck for any reason), spirits protecting an area, fae, stored emotional energy being replayed, the persons own energy manifesting, and probably more I’m not thinking of off the top of my head.

Can someone recommend a logical no-bullshit book that shows modern day 21st century examples and proves that ghosts exist? something that even skeptics will believe with enough evidence.

You’d need several books to investigate each kind thoroughly. But there’s a very nice compilation at in the free Apprentice materials there. Personally I think shamanism has the most complete picture in one place.


Agreed. Esp the +more. Anything and everything is possible imho.