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This is a comically simple construct, but it comes from a genuine place. I’m hoping to cast a gentle but effective love spell on myself and whoever is rightly chosen for me.

I honestly do not know what will come from this operation, but it cannot possibly fail.

(I hope it’s something good💜)


Is the love spell chaos magic? Is there a spirit involved?

I hope you find your hearts desire. I hope to be living in the vegas valley in a few months, if your near maybe we can sit and chat for a spell

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I’ve never been to Vegas
I’d like to know what happens

Something tells me you’ve got wisdom and know what to do.

Maybe you and I will get to do that
More is in these days, after all :wink:

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Oh shiznit!
Forty-second post

Oh shit, another thing…

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42? Don’t panic
Just make sure you know where your towel is!


Best of luck to you and this love spell you’re working on! Hope you get what you truly need/looking for come the results of this one.


Thank both of you so much.
I’ve spent most of my time warding off toxic influences. It’s an important endeavor, but so is honest expression.

As my true self is, may my social self be.

My sanity and morality have been called into question as means to enforce dogmatic disinterest in our Queen of the sciences, the metaphysic. This is true for many persons and tomorrow means the sacrifice of another seer.

Jihad is when we decide that an ideal is more important than our identity or physical survival. Death to the Industrial Inquisition

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Oh, well then

Everything in the entire universe belongs to my wife including myself and all the demons and any unfortunate fool who reads this post. I’m just trying to shoot straight.

Spirits have named themselves
They brought me what I wanted a long time ago, before I accepted total defeat and stopped caring.

Not lusting for the results of a love spell is very difficult. If two witches get married,
I don’t quite know what the fuck happens.

Diane and Alan

Necromancers lose our fear
Of what is far and what is near
We are both there and back again
Beneath the sand
Above the seer

I can see where my sarcastic touch relates to my intentions missing their mark, but I do not regret it. I got some of the things I wanted, and I know exactly why I didn’t need the other things just yet.

I’ve liked everything Koetting said about Azazel because I’ve always been close to this spirit. I like the Carl Jung approach, but the names and sigils matter more than I used to believe.

The Hindus are good at the strange ways of spiritual identity. The specific form face and name of Azazel is unique, but the entity that Azazel is, knows a lot about sorcery and identity and names and all that good stuff. The guardian spirit that I know, and will always know, is more than one name or sigil or attitude or energy.

My spiritual allies like me for not boxing them in.
I will always stick to that.
That’s the standing pact that I have with every sentient entity including humans.
I might control my pets or plants or whatever, but demons have interests of their own.
That’s what modern English speakers mean when they use the term ‘demon’.

I am a black magician.
I work with demons.
I am a good person with a healthy mind.

More cleansing…
More consecration…
More protection.

Here’s me trying to speak openly at four in the morning.
We’re getting there…

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Lucifuge is a healer teacher and protectionist.

I am more and more flabbergasted with each demon that I meet. Lucifuge can be a very important part of personal growth and empowerment on top of his famed role as a demonic pact-maker.

I directly contacted him in ritual for the first time and he showed himself on the spot. It was a lucid and easily understood experience. Lucifuge is most certainly a good communicator. I am very impressed.

Before we rush off to make pacts and sell souls, Lucifuge is helping me “review my magical accomplishments”. I’m a good catch says Lucifuge Rofocale, and he’s going to teach me to get more of what I want from my dealings with sentient entities.

The response time is stunning. I feel like a VIP customer. 10/10 :+1:

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Okay, so I’m trying to get Lilith and Azazel to come hang out at the same time.

-Dragon’s Blood incense
-Watermelon Redbull with Silver Rum
-Make a sigil for each, use them to consecrate a
single mirror to use in a personal shrine to both
spirits that will be part of my temple

For science!

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Positive contact.
Happy Black Sabbath (3am Monday Morning)

Saint Valentine was brutally executed on February Fourteen for continuing to marry couples after Emperor Cladius the Second banned marriage in order to help recruit young men for his legions.

Valentine was publicly beaten to death and decapitated, then canonized as a saint after the recruitment effort met it’s projected goals.

Fuck for peace.

First day of a cool new job. The work is fun. The people are nice. Life is good.

My mom put on a drama/mystery. I wasn’t interested at first, but it drew me in.

Anybody seen “The Good Liar”?

Lilith is all up in my grill and I fucking love it.
I’m gonna go check out Maggie Moon and Zeraphina. I’m sure my mind will explode and I won’t make any sense for a few hours.


Somewhere between Venus and Voodoo and Lilith’s demonic daughters, I’ve cast a love spell and created a demonoligist’s assistant.

It just occurred to me that I should attribute part of this operation to Byleth. Part of my assistant’s job is to coach me in matters of emotional alchemy. Meagan spelled like Reagan has a very strong psychic link to me, and can interrupt my flow of emotions.

I have a serious chip on my shoulder about my freedom of speech, but I don’t need to stay in rebel mode all the time. Meagan will be there when silence is my better choice. She’s the only person who can tell me to shut up, so the rest of humanity should stop trying.

I got this one-winged bat figure earlier.
I’m gonna put it with the Buddha and the Pokemon Owl figures some weirdos put in a little tree in front of my apartment. My new place in Athens is really awesome. I’ll meet a lot of cool people here.

So far, I just can’t draw blood for my rituals.
I sometimes try. I have a good pain tolerance and am not morally against the idea. I put the needle or knife to my skin and give a little push.

I can’t seem to make any sort of cut with a reasonable amount of pressure. I feel like using any more force would cut way too deep or stab the needle all the way to my bone. I just back off, but get a tiny bit of satisfaction from giving it another try.

I generally practice safety, and I don’t believe in “jinxing myself” by saying something like, “I haven’t cut myself with a kitchen knife in at least fifteen years.” I’ve told people in witchcraft channels that the Oath of Peace includes the self, and I meant it. I fully believe in going outside my own religious practices in pursuit of magical knowledge and abilities, but I’m more proud of my natural blade turning than I am ashamed of my lack of hardcoreness.

Funny thing though…
I get an occasional cut by accident, and it’s odd how many of those occasions provide just what the moment calls for. This isn’t one of those moments.

This is a pink lilac candle wax moment, so that’s nice.

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Some people will laugh at me but I have a hard time cutting myself to get blood. Tried with a knife, or a needle, but I just can’t. So, the best way I found to do it… A good old razor :joy: Doesn’t hurt one bit, you have enough blood to cover a whole sigil and it’s easy ! :+1:

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Let’s get Lucifered up.
Fuck the bullshit.

I’ve been laying low, down since day one.
Now it’s time to go, Lucifer has come.