Schizophrenia or real spirits talking?


Symptoms of schizophrenia are hallucinations
Hallucinations : These usually involve seeing or hearing things that don’t exist. Yet for the person with schizophrenia, they have the full force and impact of a normal experience. Hallucinations can be in any of the senses, but hearing voices is the most common hallucination

How can a person know whether its schiz or really spirits talking to them? I have seen people saying that they hear voices and see things, actually conversations


While this topic is really touchy in my personal opinion spirits aren’t going to be talking to you 24/7, with a lot of schizophrenia patients it’s hearing, seeing, some kind of impairment with their 5 senses along with other social issues that tend to be way more frequent than someone who actively communicates with entities or can naturally hear them


Maybe it’s both. I’ve read theories about how those suffering from schizophrenia are essentially psychics who never learned to hone the skill.

Then of course other life happenings on top that tend to complicate things and probably make it harder to come to.


I have seen some posts in the forum that they have explained they are hearing voices and sometimes i wonder whether its the actual spirits or schizophrenia
I actually feel bad for people who are having it, their minds be like a mess


Yeah but one might be confused are they really having the effects of schizophrenia or just spirits talking to them


In some new age communities schizophrenic people are considered “super psychics” and often times suggested to give up their medication so that their “abilities” can grow. However, not all of them are like that.


I saw a sitcom about a family living with ghosts. In public, they’d take out their phones and act as if their taking a call. Dunno if this helps.


The ability to be able to hear spirits can be considered a gift
Actually when a person who has schizophrenia take meds they are actually blocking spirits from hearing them, a gift is just wasted by the medical science

Doctors always try to make assumptions that everything in the human body has to do with some sort of a illness, they totally ignore the universal understanding a human could have yet they are programmed to believe what they have learnt from science


I know many people who is going through this yet they seek medical advice because today the world seems to be hiding the supernatural effects a person could have and always bringing up science facts to a topic, im not against medical science…

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There were a few here that said their abilities aren’t blocked by meds. I think that’s just propaganda to be honest. If they can still do their workings while on medication it sounds more like those who can’t just buy into the idea that it blocks when it doesn’t.


This is why I am uncomfortable seeing things and cannot remotely relate to people enjoying seeing spirits and still beings functional. I’m a bit skeptical but I’m not really in their shoes so Idk.

I think the spirits know I’m uncomfortable with this because they don’t appear to me physically or express themselves (in my mind) too loudly. The most I have experienced was being possessed a couple of times but it was clear to me they showed up because I was calling their names :slight_smile:

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Not all psychics are schizophrenics and not all schizophrenics are psychic, and I feel it is extremely detrimental to assume such.

There are major differences between the two, and while the medical field may lump the two together, it is equally dangerous for the occult community to do so as well, because that is essentially pushing schizophrenic people further into delusion and madness.

One of the main differences is that an actual psychic experience, in contrast to a schizophrenic episode, can be controlled through one’s intent and will power. If you want the spirits to shut up, you can make them shut up. A schizophrenic can’t. As @Rungr stated, it is very unlikely spirits are going to be chatting at you 24/7, unlike the voices in schizophrenia.

The majority of the voices experienced in schizophrenia are extremely negative, screaming at the sufferer to harm themselves or sometimes, other people. That is not the case in most psychic experiences.

A psychic experience can receive information that can be verified in the real world. If a voice tells you the boy next door is going to slip on his skateboard and the next day he does, that is a legitimate psychic experience. If a voice tells you to kill the boy next door because he’s a reptilian alien working for the government and they want to experiment on you, that is likely schizophrenia.


Thanks for clearing it out with a good answer
If someone is going through a schizophrenia phase i hope this thread will help them to figure it out what it really is

I’ve had limited experience with Schizophrenics but from what I can tell it’s caused by a fixation of their perception onto a point that isn’t in sync with consensual reality.

In other words, they’re nuts not because the spirits they’re talking too are any less real than ours but because their perceptions are so out of sync with everyone elses that it causes them to be unable to function properly. Add in their societal programming and you have a real mess on your hands.

A lot of them are stuck in positions that lead to them being able to communicate with non-useful spirits like their own mental archetypes and emotional distress, or entities that are looking for an easy target that can’t get away. There are those that are stuck in positions that lead to them becoming very strong occultists though.

Particularly among the rural Chinese channelers and psychics tend to be unable to stop seeing and hearing spirits and gods, with most channelers unable to stop their chosen spirit or god from possessing them.

There was a guy who tried to assassinate the president and shot a preacher because aliens from mars told him to do so after they gave him an upgrade that manifested most obviously for him as enhanced intelligence.

Look at the “attacks” he was subjected too at the start and tell me you think those are actually attacks. This is what happens to those without self-discipline in magic after a certain point, schizophrenic or not.

Shit like this is why you need to control your perception rather than let it control you.

I’ve spoken to those same aliens, and they’re friends btw.

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I regularly communicate with spirits. I hear them talk to me in my head. I can tell who is who because they have different voices ( like your friends do if you talk to them on the phone). They are helpful, not harmful, but can be demanding. However…i don’t discuss them with my psychiatrist or therapist either…lol

As a longtime healthcare professional but also a person who is openminded about paranormal and psychic matters, I have to honestly say that I really don’t think I have the final answer on this matter. There are some mysteries that we really don’t have all the answers for yet. How can I (or a doctor or psychiatrist, for that matter) truly say that some unusual experience or hearing a voice was just mental illness for sure? I actually do know many, many nurses who told me about various paranormal experiences they had, such as seeing apparitions on the hospital floor, etc. A nursing supervisor at one hospital I worked at even said that it seemed that one floor was “haunted” because multiple nurses had seen a “Ghost” or something like it, heard footsteps with no physical body matching the footsteps, etc.
An ER physician I know told me about having many out-of-body experiences. Could go on.
—probably a lot boils down to if a person can function in everyday life, actually—take care of daily living tasks, etc. and not report that “voices” are telling them to harm themselves or others.
…and I might add that sometimes a person who may actually have some unusual experiences may be in the wrong place at the wrong time, perhaps opened up to the wrong people who may have been predisposed to think of such as mere “crazy talk”—-and I also think that some other folks are very controlling and sometimes even have a mean streak where they try to maneuver and manipulate situations to get someone under the psychiatric net so that their rights and freedom get curtailed.


Just as magick is real and deserves our understanding - to be taken seriously - so too is mental illness real and deserves the same treatment.
People involuntarily suffer from schizophrenia, while people voluntarily practise magick. That’s a key distinction.

Having said that, magick and mental illness aren’t mutually exclusive.


I disagree. I get talked to/at literally 24/7 (unless i ask it to stop). I don’t think it is that uncommon, and it probably depends on who you are connecting with and how you connect.

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My reason for the 24/7 is people think entities have nothing better to do than talk to them nonstop, literally schizophrenia is nonstop voices, actual entities it wont be of every minute of every hour of every day. Unless it’s your own thoughts or a thoughtform of your own creation as they exist within the mind. However, a real entity is going to stop at some points as they would have more things to do.

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I think that implies a sort of analogous relationship between verbal speech and spirit communication, which i do not believe exists. If you communicate with speech you lock yourself into that action and for the duration you can do little else (the limit here is your capability to multitask). If spirits talked like people talk I agree it could not happen 24/7, but there is no reason to believe they work like that.

What i think we speak about is telepathic communication. Notice I used the term communication and not speech. Humans communicate nonverbally all the time, whilst doing other things also. Spirits can do so also.

The problem is our existances, from our perspective, are radically different. Im going to ignore a lot of UPG i read here and say we have no reason to believe spirits have a language of any sorts similar to ours, or that they even use language and do not communicate by radically different means.

The human mind however is limited to what it understands, and finds ways to filter information given to it in forms that it can understand. As long as there is a connection between you and a spirit communication occurs. You can think about it like computers linked up to eachother downloading and uploading information to eachother, even if it is unimportant and simple information. Apply the right brain “program” to it and it comes out like speech.

Also just as we have an unconscious, spirits could also. Communication can take place in the unconscious mind for humans, so why not for spirits also? Sometimes when you “ring” a spirit, you get the “anwsering machine” instead of the full body, but an answering machine often times more than willing to give you some information.