Scared of eternal hellfire

Is their a chance that christianity could be true after all?

This thread is going to be controversial and I am calling it right now.

That being said, I think only former Christians around here may be afraid of something like that. I’ve been a hardcore atheist for most of my life, so eternal hellfire is barely a funny idiom to me.

I made my peace with the idea of oblivion. And now I have to rethink the idea of eternal life. Which is confusing.

But… overall, I think the general consensus around here will be that no, no eternal hellfire, unless you go out of your way to make it so. And by that I mean that you believe that’s what has to happen and then it happens, as a self fulfilling prophecy.


if you are scared that a God would send you to eternity of pain simply because you dont follow what you supposedly should follow in a dogma like christianity, i would tell you to think it through, would a God like that even be worth your time? Ive been to hell, Ive seen things, i had bad experiences, but let me just tell you now, first, what makes you think youre going to hell? because you dont follow the christian dogma? so what about islam? what about Judaism? do you think you are going there because you were bad? then ask Jesus for forgiveness, if you are Christian. simple. and do not stray from the Xthian spiritual road, which in my opinion, should be personal and not dogmatic, also, Hell is not all bad i think, though ive only seen the bad parts.


I’m scared of because of many people posting their dreams about the rapture, hell and saying that it’s a real place, and like they are kind of everywhere, I see what your saying tho

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Yeah I feel like christianity has some evidence for being true, it has to do with all these different kinds of people posting accounts of hell fire on youtube

who are these people, they are xthians? what about muslims? my point is you cant just trust whoever dude

dude…youtube is not the best place to learn a religion, if the thought of hellfire scares you, pick up a kjv bible and start learning Christianity, the 5 books of moses, and the Gospel of Jesus, did you know the god of the Old testament actually made a bet with Satan to test one of his favourite prophets?


Yeah I know, the story of job, he made a bet with satan, he let him kill his family and take away his money and cattle or whatever

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Just a friendly reminder: Youtube is NOT a reputable academic resource.


it is now during quarantine :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


There are people all over the world who claim to have seen heaven or hell.
Some might not be honest, but I don’t doubt all of them. I think many people have really experienced it.
That doesn’t mean heaven and hell exist like religion tells us though.

When you die, you go where your soul chooses to go.

The people who claim to have seen hell all used this experience to turn their life around.
And that tells you something. Deep down they KNEW something in their life wrong, and they WANT to change.
The near-death experience was an opportunity for them. The wake up call they needed, provided by their own mind.


On internet not everything is real, no need to believe on everything u see

Bible is metaphoric guide of life, its not exact with exact characters, its just metaphoric guide to divinity

dont be sex criminal or repeat violent acts without purpose and no-one wont come after you…

If you live balanced 6/7 dimension existence you wont ever even hear about hellfire

I wouldnt be scared of “god”


If this bothers you, stop watching it. It’s just fear porn.


Hell is real, there are many types, hell existence maybe is reinforced by christians, catholics, and other believers. Its is possible to go there on the astral body.

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An underrated comment. But on point


3 Hail Mary daily supposedly are a way to avoid hell. The only limit to that I happened to read was about stopping to say the prayer, but it didn’t mention things which aren’t to say or do.

Sure, so is Valhalla, Hel, Elysium, and everything else people have thought up over the years. Just because someone holds up a book and says “This is true”, doesn’t make it so.


If u have incarnated here, welcome to christian hell…this is it. Anyway, wonder whats next, if anything…I’d welcome the heaven of Islam, just don’t let them be virgins. Virgins are too tight…I prefer whores!!!


Anyone can preach anything. Someone could scream at you “follow my god or burn in hell!” Or can say “dont eat spaghetti or the flying spaghetti monster will drown you in tomato sauce!”

My point is, everyone has different beliefs, and those who are hardcore into their faith will say its all true and will do their best to convince others that their way is the right path. But the real truth is that every individual should follow a path they are most comfortable with that they find themselves, not by what others preach about. Me, for a time when i was young i leaned more on a christian side. I prayed to god a lot but barely got an answer back. Over time i began to notice more and more contradictions in the Bible, especially looking into the Old Testament. I dont find a problem with someone looking up to a loving god, but through my mind this wasnt the god for me, because i thought to myself “what god could allow a murderer into heaven if they are a follower, but a good hearted person goes to hell for now following?” I asked myself stuff like that a lot.

Over time i started looking into other things. Back when i was 14 i ended up getting into Wicca. Being a nature lover and enthusiastic about real magic drew me in. I was involved in it for a few years, but i began to wonder if there is a such thing really as demons and satan. I asked myself “if they dont exist, how can pagan gods exist?” Everything has energy to it, and knowing the universe has both light and dark in it, i began to separate myself from a wiccan side and go full eclectic in my magic.

I believe many realms exist. Aside from heaven and hell theres many realms from other cultures that exist because there are many vast planes of existence, at least with my beliefs.

Fear is a healthy thing to have, its okay to wonder what way you should go. Just ask yourself about what you feel and what you believe. Do good research too, not on youtube lol. Beliefs can evolve over time, and for you this can be just the beginning of it.

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Hell would be so much better…can you imagine clouds,harps, and having to worship someone and pretend you love them for eternity? Anyways, most people on the LHP have bad reactions to Yahweh particular when flip flopping back and forth. It’s my belief he’s a parasitic entity that thrives on fear.