Scanning Thread: Resurrection

can you scan to see what is the “rape” about?

Like I said, I may be wrong

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I tried as well. Also new to this so might be not accurate.
I got 2 colours : Brown (very prominent) and a greenish-yellow
Also saw a Medusa / many snakes.

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what does these colors mean?

no you were right. there is a vampire entity that i am trying to get rid of. i think it is female. i have protection but she is still around. there were spirits attacking me in my sleep. so maybe rape is them sexually assaulting me in my sleep, but i got protection and it stopped.

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The medusa felt agressive / negative maybe look more into the negative points of the colors … just a thought.


What did you do for protection?

i dont know about “possession”, do you think the entity wanted to possess me?

It probably wanted to
I doubt that would be unrelated

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Okay I don’t feel confident about this at all lmao
Digestive issues

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Interesting. It is medusa month actually, in terms of energy.

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May I?

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can you do mine?

Whats yours?

i mean can you scan mine?

anybody trade scan?

i dont know how to do it but can you scan mine?

@Xag_darklight I’m game.

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heres how if you can do mine i will do yours.