Scanning the godform

Everyone’s energy has a specific vibration(s) I don’t mean like the high is happy and all good and low is bad and all evil, but more that some people’s energy vibrates fast which reflects in the texture of their energy, slow vibrations the person’s energy tends to be a lot more viscous in texture as opposed to someone’s energy that vibrates fast and their energy texture tends to feel almost like air or silk. At Least that’s how I’ve come to see it, where it differs from the aura that changes ever so often by emotions and mental stability.


I’ve met mine, he looks boring. He’s pretty metal, though. He has shapeshifting abilities. Destruction and creation alike aren’t much harder than breathing for him

To be unveiled and shared?

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I see… strangely enough, I believe it’s a demon, though appears as a woodland elf. Green hair, vibrant. A snakeskin covered bow… two daggers on the right hip, one for throwing and one for close combat. Black leather pants. A green blue shirt with the close up picture of a star on the chest. Black leather jacket with straps crisscrossing, almost a dystopian kind of look.

Perhaps the reason I think demon is the sulfur smell and residual energies clinging to you. Not to mention, I feel many things that have been affected by some sort of demon(s). So much so, i dont even feel any fae tingles from you.

Of course, I could be instead reading Maxwell

Perhaps you’re “posing,” perhaps I’m just not good at feeling fae, though I usually am.
Hope you find something in this.

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would anyone be interested in scanning my godform? ive been feeling very strongly directed to delve more into godform and connecting with it, so some sort of help with direction would be really nice! thanks to anyone willing. either dm or right in the thread is fine

People are more prone to trading these kinds of things.

understood! thanks

would anyone be interested in scanning my godforms, please!!!

Could I get a scanning done? My name is Issac carder, I’m 17 years old, and I wish to find my godform

You need to make an introduction.


No, you need to actually go and make a thread introduction. New Magician Help & Introductions - Become A Living God

Did it, just hope someone can help

Do you know someone would find that out? I’m definitely interested in learning more.

Well if a personal actually has a God ‘form’ then you’d find out through scans which many here trade from time to time in the proper thread(s)

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I’d be interested in a scan if anyone has time?


I’d love a scan on my Godform please

i assume you mean true self or higher self because the way that Godform is used here isn’t what it actually means. Godform is something you actively do. Have you immersed yourself in particular Deity’s current? if not you most likely don’t have a godform.

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I meant my true self please