Scanning for Dantalion

I did a ritual with Lord Dantalion a while back that yielded amazing results (he brought me into contact with someone important that I had a high chance of never hearing from again)… but despite asking for him to give me an idea of what to offer him by way of a dream, I haven’t had any clues. Part of it is probably my fault, as I forget my dreams most of the time, but still.

Would anyone, ideally who’s familiar with Dantalion, mind scanning me/my connection to him to give me an idea of how to repay him?

And as always - Hail Dantalion!


I think you just did. :smiley: :+1:


Here you might find good tips on what you can give him as offering.

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Praise that’s what came to me that’s it if that’s not enough for you you can take his sigil out and play a song I’m not sure if the vision I see is you or someone else playing a chello for him but that’s also something he would like as well

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