Scan & scry the selfie of the person above you (no Tarot please)

This is what I was replying to.

Okay I’ll scan you then, I’ll do a general scan since you did same.

Here will be appropriate

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Whats the difference. Deep scan involves chakra readings? I mean I could dive into your chakras and scan them too. Anyway go ahead see how it turns out whether we’ll proceed or not

Yeah give me a minute, my internet acted up and I just lost the scan I had typed out for you.

When scanning you:

Colors I see: yellow, brown, turquoise and light shade of purple.

Images: Rocks, cold grounds with dust, stones. I also saw a dark figure, with a light grey glow around them. The figure looked simply like a dark silhouette. Other images that came were water (very briefly) and more nature oriented images such as trees. I feel you might have a connection to earth.

Energy: When trying to “feel” your energy I get a cold, hard and rigid feeling. I also got an unwelcome feeling (not sure if it was external or internal). Your energy doesn’t feel stagnent but doesn’t move fast. I meant to say your energy is slow.

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Thanks. Nice scan. My phone’s going off too let me charge and I’ll get back to a more in depth scanning

Light grey glow around it like negative energy

Cool, I’d be interested in more of the soul/energy rather then chakras tbh or spirits around me. I’m going through some changes so that’s my interest.

Then I can trade you back. Up to you.

The light grey didn’t feel negative. The negative feeling I got seemed more like a “shadow” over you then part of you.

Over me like intending to. Do harm

I don’t think so, maybe causing stagnation if anything. Just didn’t feel good but didn’t feel threatening.

Bro. You up for the in depth scan?

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It’s almost midnight lol by me. I mean if you want to scan and I can get back to you tomorrow. Or just wait till then. Up to you.

I’d be interested in scanning for anything about “rebirth” and soul scan of course.

Alright I’ll try a soul scan in a few

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Interested in energies around me.

Updating to recent, and interested in changes going on with me or spirits around me.

I can’t scan(trade) but if someone could scan me I will be glad. Concentration on my career progression will be my target

Scan trade?