Scale of zohak

Kurtis said that every practitioner of the path of smoke becomes a scale on the body of zohak. Is this symbolic or literal?



Bit of both. As i and others have hooked into the current there are times where synchronicity will start stackin up like crazy.

We are all working with the same current in varying degrees of intensity, that has an effect as a whole over time.

@C.Kendall does a great job explaining the concept here.


My biggest concern is that it sounds like you become part of another entity after death

O.o Have you read the text? Cause that is not the case… Part of the whole work is about awakening your own godhood and grounding the results in the body.

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My advice is watch kurtis’s content and hunt down the podcasts he has done. It’ll answer most questions. If you still have a deep fear of the work it may not be for you.

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Ackchyually, it calls out to me in a great deal. Especially when im high lol. I just didn’t want to follow it if the end results weren’t in my favor. Thanks!

So long as you respect the work you should be fine.I’ve only heard of onw case where the shit hit the fan and that is cause the guy ignored all the warnings in the book. Kurits talked a bit about it in an older post.