Saturn, the terrible

Saturn is the most feared planet in astrology. Wherever it’s placed it brings fear, frustration, sadness, delay, hard work and commitment. In brief everything that human beings hate.

There’s one power of Saturn that I want to emphasize in this topic: seal.

Saturn has the habit of sealing the fate of a certain aspect of life way before you were born. This power comes from his exaltation point which is Libra or the 7th house in sidereal astrology ( not tropical) .

Libra or the 7th house is the house of mariage, sexual intimacy, agreement, business.
Hence back in the days people who succeeded in life after some tremendous efforts or sacrifice were said to have made a pact with Saturn, satan, the devil, the goat god (Capricorn) etc…

He uses the power of Capricorn and Aquarius to control the fate of this world. He’s the master of this material world and controls time. Nothing material can be granted without him consenting.

The corporate world and government administration is ruled by him.

An short advice: whenever you have to deal with government officials, court, corporate people, administrators etc… ask a spirit of Capricorn to help you or do the rituals some days before meeting them, otherwise your fate will be sealed before you even set a foot there.

People who have Saturn in the 1st house, 5th house, 7th house in sidereal astrology, the person who you will marry is already chosen and sealed by Saturn. Why? Because from these houses Saturn is making the link with the 7th house. You will have hard time being into relationship, you probably only had very very few romantic relationships, perhaps one and then you got into a serous relationship potentially leading to marriage.

Saturn will sit on all the false or fake boyfriend that May came into your life to hurt you. He will suppress them and the person will feel sad and frustrated but it’s an harsh protection of Saturn. That’s the second power of Saturn: protection !

Saturn in 1,5 and 7th house shows that the person was badly hurt in past life in marriage or business or by his own children. 1st house by marriage, 7th house by business or by being too naive, 5th house by his own fame or children.

In this life you made a pact with Saturn to find the best partner and he will do that.

So when you have some mere boy or girlfriends trying to seduce, if he or she gonna hurt you, s/he will be annihilated before even the relationship have started. And you would be wondering if you are cursed or not but by 30-35 years old Saturn releases its grip on you.

So let’s say you were hurt in life because you were too naive. Saturn will make sure that before you kick your 30s you have already experienced some though situations in life to clean out that weakness of yours.

If it was because of children, he will make you have children late in life or when you are mature enough to know how to handle kids.

Usually the person is not even aware of the pact he made with Saturn, he will only see the bad stuff happening to me and probably will try to use magic to reverse the situation but It will never work. Saturn is an non magickal planet, and plus he judges even Gods. So there’s no way of escaping him.

And most of the time people with Saturn in these houses are the ones that makes strange pacts and their pacts always work wonder.

So for someone with Saturn in 1,5 and 7 whenever they make a pact with a spirit. It always work with magnificent but strange events always happen. These are the people who will have a strange life in a good or bad way depending on Saturn especially if they are on their full potential mode.

One last thing don’t try to have casual sexual relationships when Saturn is in those houses, he will seal it, remember Saturn draws his power from sex and agreement. If you are supposed to marry A, but you had relationships with B,C, D, E, F, G,H. You are now linked with all of them, their joy will become your joy, their cries will be yours. Be careful with Saturn. He never does thing without planning. The people you think Saturn is blocking you from maybe become later your worst nightmare in life. So be patient and wise. Everyone has weaknesses. The delay is probably your biggest blessing


No fucking joke, I had almost the exact same convo about this with a friend, yesterday. Thank you for posting this, it comes as a sync in a weird time :blush:


Your welcome, I am glad it helped and resonated. Truly happy


Ou. Now my non-existent relationship-sex life start to make sense for me. But it is like literally no one is suitable for me. So, after 30-35 year of life I should be able to find a suitable parnter and establish relationship?


Yes In your 30s things will improve dramatically. Your income and success too.

He’s delaying it because you are still missing something. Get that thing and things will change. You have secret enemies that are jealous of your individuality, your inner light, your fame. You have to learn to hide your private life. For eg You have a potential romantic relationship, don’t tell to anyone until the relationship is strong enough.


I hide my private life from as long as I can remember. Well, I’m a bit older than 35, and yes, things are becoming better than in the past. But I still don’t know what’s missing.


In brief what I can see right now is that he constricted your identity so not too many people knows you by reducing your romance, amount of friends so that you focus on building up your own business and success (not really working under someone cause rahu is obstructing you to receive orders from boss, even the father),

Your fortune, career focus, karma and passion is in the second house of family, savings, food and beverages, finances. So A business like restaurant would be very profitable and this will allow you to stay in a place you feel like home. Or selling jewelry, a family business.

Number one agenda of yours could be having that peace of mind and security at home. When you don’t feel peace at home, you seek corporate career.

9th lord in 10th house: you are meant to do something big for the public and blessed by your ancestors and family.

11th lord in 2nd house: great combo for finances

2nd lord in 2nd house: you are influenced by your family history and name


I can tell, that you nailed it. I like to do handcraft jewelry, not for selling, but more for pure joy of making, also I plan to learn stone engraving (maybe will do and sell signet rings with stones engraved with demonic seals in the future- I did some engravings, and showed it in the forum in the past). I also have inclinations toward finances- I’m in the middle of obtaining a license related with stock market.


You have a combo of having unlimited amount of money if you are committed enough, and work A LOT on that. Plus your ancestors will help. Especially when you travel for work or business they will guide you in dreams.

Oh yeah ketu is in 3rd it shows past life talent but ketu is a non business planet and love mysticism (not good for younger sibling relationship if you have any)

but in this life you will learn to be your own mentor or father. And making your luck.

The only planet who is a bit problematic is Saturn who is controlling your finances with aspects, so you will get the thing you want but work hard, be patient.

The rest of the planets are well placed.

Your second house is strong so your face and mouth already must have something specific to you.

As sun is also strong so your first name must be very easy to pronounce and start with A or contains many of A letter or choose a nickname starting with A


Regarding finaces it is problematic in the way that Saturn slow down obtaining wealth and I don’t try to actively look and enter into as many occasions as I can, so I didn’t hoard much money.
BUT he really helps in saving money which was already wery helpfull, and to take more safety approach in investments - speculations is big no no. Analisis, forecasting, valuation, some mathematical skills - :+1: Probably his aspect with Venus have a touch with that.

:flushed: Wtf, you have some spies on me or what? joking :grin:. Yes, you are correct about the letter A. But I’ll not tell in what part, I want it to be anonymous


Ah okay i understand. It’s always a good approach to be safe with investment to avoid some heart attack :joy::joy::joy:

Sidereal Vedic astrology is best when knowing the effects of planets in one’s life


Where did you learn that?

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My Saturn is in the 10th house, what can you say about that?

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I have just seen that my Saturn is in 5 house :roll_eyes:

I always thought Saturn is Anu (the sumerian father of gods) aka Cronus (father time) aka EL, the god of hebrews.
I know he rules the world and his symbol is the black cube (Mecca) and when viewed from the corner it becomes a hexagon (six square faces, facets, or sides 666) and its net is usually depicted as a cross (Jesus).

Other than that, I’m really bad in astrology.

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Bah, I can’t count how many people have said different cosmic forces are fully all powerful over others.

I’ll make my own fate.


You think that pacts with spirits would be most efficient form of magic for people with such placement?

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What is this “house” shit you are talking about, you all? I’m genuinely curious, could be fun.

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Houses are sectors mapped on natal charts which affect different areas of our lives.

So is it like a tarot thing, what did that guy above mean when he said he was 10 houses from satan?

What does that mean?

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