What does it mean to be a Satanist?

There are 3 traits I noticed the devil had in mythology.

  1. Critical thinking as he questioned Job’s loyalty towards Jahveh.
  2. Carnality as he tempted Christ with the earthy pleasures.
  3. Self-deification as he wanted to be God.

If an individual have or worship one of these traits we can identify him/her as a Satanist?

I prefer Faxenelds defenition where a satanist is a satanist if he practices a tradition where a deity known as satan is one of the highest (if not the highest diety) in the tradition.

The traditions wich I found most intressting and practices Satan is not just the devil in the bible but rather much more.
He is the opposer to YHVH and his creation and seeks to destroy it.

Becuse of this a satanist in these tradition dont seek earthly pleasures and don’t see the end goal as being a god.

TL:DR The traits are imho not usefull but rather limiting.

There is a bit mistake in your post, you mix satan and devil together, precisely you aint looking for satan in your post, rather than what people would call it “evil-god”, not the serpent of eden, or what is possibly “the devil” , “the demiurge”

So if you are looking for satanist stuff, i wouldnt go after devil in the first place, since satanism is human religion in the first place.

Sect of satanism I builded my conciousness on was more of rebel or liberator side of satan, which later became out as utter bullshit, but those fuckin whiny temptress traits aint really, suitable for creator god.

the way i prefer to think of it being a luciferian polytheistic satanist?

“jesus is often referred to as a shepherd. leave the sheep alone,they more than capable of herding themselves,and that is what lucifer/satan embodies”

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Would a Satanist command the demons in the name of Satan or would she always respect them as equality? In LaVey’s invocation of Satan he says “In the name of Satan I command the forces of darkness” but he then says “Come forth and greet me as your brother and friend”.

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To put it in that context its more along that Lucifer-Satan teches the sheep to jump out of the enclosure.

well i was more talking about the sheep just standing around ignoring the shepherd,but that will do as well :smiley:

The deitys are more in the line of allies wich gives understanding and direction as the goal of the satanist is the goal of Satan.

Forcing or commanding demons is in my opinion something that is done by christians and a satanist can meet them and work with them without the help of Satan.

ergo “sure i can order a compound bow off of amazon but i might just prefer to go to an outdoorsy store like the local everharts so i can see and feel the things for myself before bringing them home”

Satan is a technically job title not an entity strictly speaking. With that said…

A Satanist is usually defined as a person who believes in, worships or follows after the example of or manner of a Satan (accuser/adversary) against or in opposition to restrictive societal norms values and established religious viewpoint.

It can take many forms. From acausal Chaos gnostic to hedonistic humanistic atheistic LeVeyan Satanism. There are probably as many kinds of Satanism as there are Satanist’s and that’s not even touching on divergent or variant forms like Luciferianism.

Basically though it’s a point of view and sometimes lifestyle that the common herd of humanity eschews because they’ve been taught to fear and avoid it.

It requires a questioning mind one that in the face of established norms goes “WHY?” or “WHY NOT?” and then proceeds to make up their own mind on normative values such as right and wrong as to what is right for them or what they feel is wrong for them and therefore is a line they won’t cross.

It’s a position most view as subversive evil or abnormal but it’s merely the position of a rational questioning mind that isn’t satisfied to just do as told but wants to know why.

It’s the same mind set as the scientist who struggles to know why gravity works or why the moon doesn’t crash into the earth.

But because it doesn’t toe the line and conform to societal norms without questioning them it gets labeled evil or subversive and a few people decided to relish in the fear and discomfort and capitalize on it and called it Satanism.

That’s my own UPG on the subject more or less though my take isn’t uncommon.

I suggest however you read up on all the variants of it and then see what you think defines Satanism and it’s difference from other beliefs.

It’s way too broad a subject for a forum post to do Justice to. It would take tens of thousands of posts to even begin to do Justice to the subject because every Satanist has their own view on it.

I’m not even gonna go into the divisions between theistic and non theistic types or you’d be reading my upg for hours :stuck_out_tongue: so… that’s my upg (and I’m case you wondered I consider myself a a theistic Luciferian but I don’t worship or fear Lucifer or kow-tow to him like Christians do to their god. They’re taught do what I say or I’ll burn you when I destroy the world and that you must fear me because I’m all powerful and all knowing about their Christian god. I grew up Catholic I know that’s the gist of the teachings)

and that concludes my own take on the subject aka my UPG.
-the end-

Add: it’s UPG partly because there is no possible way for me to interview or talk to all the satanists in the world then condense all the disparate views into a synopsis.

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I don’t even think we can use the phrase “forms of Satanism” because there are no actual doctrine or tradition to define Satanism. Satanism is such a diffuse term. The only thing Satanists shares is the worship of Satan but to worship something can manifest in many different ways and does not necessary mean belief in supernatural. People for instance have worshipped celebrities. The worship of Satan can also be perceived as a psychodrama performed in a ritual chamber based on the idea that Satan is an archetype.


Possibly. I did say it was my UPG take on the matter. I don’t worship Lucifer and he’s not the same being as Satan to me.

In brief my view Lucifer is the being who elevated humanity above the state of being mere animals that were being kept as obedient unthinking pets in a walled zoo of a garden by giving humanity self awareness and the capacity to reason and question. He is the ideal rationalist rebel who saw an abuse of power and acted to rectify the abuse. A being to consider as an ideal to aspire to be like. Not a being to be fawned over and worshipped.

And as to the Christian god I believe he’s a false upstart fake god and definitely not all knowing or all powerful. If he was all knowing he would have known he was creating evil that the beings he created could do evil and if all powerfully he would’ve smote the universe & eliminated evil until he got it perfect and we’d exist in a perfect world where there’s no evil or bad stuff if he was all powerful and perfect
If he exists he’s certainly not as advertised.

That’s my view in a nutshell so to speak (the reader digest abridged version).

Add: obedient they came when called like our pet dogs. Unaware they didn’t even know they were naked. So Lucifer is the hero of the story/myth because he elevated them to thinking rational beings from the state of being dumb obedient pet animals. Animals that were being kept in a walled cage called the garden of Eden that has no freedom to go anywhere or do anything except obey their owner/master. Like good obedient slaves.

Satan is supposed to be an Angel called Satanael. I was raised Catholic so I’m more about Lucifer and because I like science and learning and stuff I am a Luciferian. So…,

I’ll leave it at what I’ve said and let others answer their views if they’d like to in answer to your questions.

@L-I-P can you clarify that comment? It’s so short I’m not sure what your trying to say.

Its edited now to make more sense.

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@L-I-P Thank you. Now I understand what you you were trying to say the first time :slightly_smiling_face:
Interesting view. Your position reminds me of Dissection and Jon Nodtveidt. Are you a fan of Dissection by any chance?

Nevermind, that might throw the thread off topic.

This is getting political, can we get back on the topic of Satanism and not talk about the various political bodies that may or may not be involved in it? 2 posts mentioning the popular name of a criminal organisation deleted. Thanks guys :slight_smile:

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Satanism has often been called a carnal religion and it make sense to me as Satan tempted Jesus with the earthly pleasures.

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The offer “satan” made to “jesus” was walk in hand with hand on earth, under rule of free will, he did offer equality, not earthly pleasures.

like concious partnership

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No, he said that he would give Jesus the earthy pleasures if he bow down and worship him.