Satanic meditation

I have adhd and thus I have a very hard time meditating. Does anyone have any suggestions? Im a beginner on this path and trying to master my basics. I feel that I am blocked as well. I come from a Christian family. I follow spiritual Satanist and my belief in my former religion is gone Im just stuck


Look into focal meditation, mantra meditation, and yogic meditation.

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Try dancing:

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I also have ADHD. Try focussing on your nostrils, no matter what you are doing. Awareness will come. It’s basically meditating everywhere. And when you sit down, sit down in silence and just observe. Good luck!

I have ADD and have trouble staying still

So when I meditate i focus on my heartbeat
And my temperature

This is a great sound for during meditations were the focus lays on Satan and Satanic energies.
Especially if you want to get to know those energies


Not all meditating has to be done sitting still, though some forms of meditating work better sitting still. You give me any sort of fast paced or trippy music like heavy metal or rock and I must get up and move, but it also calms me down at the same time. I have ADHD. I find it harder to sit still and meditate, especially trying to astral project. I’ve only astral projected twice and the first time I missed out on two days of sleep and fell asleep with my eyes open and staring at a mirror at the hairdressers getting my hair dyed. Second time I was sicker than a dog. I have to be in some state of exhaustion or I won’t be able to ignore the twitching when I sit still and try to astral project.

I tend to walk a familiar path in laps and meditate while listening to music. Do something enough times and it will become a habit, ingrained in muscle memory and you won’t even have to focus on what you’re doing. But you also need to make sure you are safe while doing so.

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Love this meditation video