Satanic magick vs Daemonic magick

In the satanic bible LaVey points out in the air when he invokes the four crown princes of hell.
In Conolly’s A Demonolator’s guide to daemonic magick she states that pointing out to the air is respectless towards the demons.
Also in satanic magick the magician invokes counter clockwise from Satan to Lucifer to Belial to Leviathan where in daemonic magick the magician invokes clockwise from Belial to Lucifer to Flerious (or Satan as fire) to Leviathan. Is there a difference in effects and results? I would to hear your expeiences. I have tried to mix satanic and daemonic magick.


I’m not sure how that wouldn’t be respectful. Unless you did it with the intent of being disrespectful. As long as said demon doesn’t communicate with you an issue, then there shouldn’t be any problems.

Heck some demons might have associations with the air, so could be useful then.

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Since I have not developed astral hearing I can’t hear spirits. Therefore I have been a little more careful during my invocations. Of course if the spirits knows I lack that ability I can’t see either how they would find it respectless or why.

You can use more then “astral hearing” to communicate with spirits. Use your Intuition. If something feels off, or like maybe you shouldn’t do it - then don’t do it. That can also be a form of communication. That, impressions, images, etc etc.

When I first started, I thought communication would be alot more complex then it turns out to be. Don’t overthink it. Alot of communication you’ll mistaken for your own mind. Their voice will most likely sound alot like your own internal voice, you might get “feelings” about something, an impression, an image…etc.

Only like 10% of the time is communication “physical”… The rest is much more subtle.

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I may be wrong but I thought Connolly said striking or jabbing the air, which is aggressive, not pointing, which is respectful.

I use my own method entirely and it has had excellent results for me.

I have pointed to the air and gone clockwise and evoke different demons than the ones listed in either working. All versions successful. It’s mostly respect, fanfare, and a way to channel your energy and intent. I also think it’s very important to point out Connolly believes in the entities as, well, entities to speak with whereas LaVey is atheistic and evokes them more as words of power. Counterclockwise could also be LaVey trying to make things “opposite” since his version of satanism is meant to be the antithesis of Christianity. Not that he’s wrong but just to tell you the perspective is entirely different and he’s definitely not the only kind of Satanist out there.

Don’t be limited to what you read in books, mix them if you want, or make your own.

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There’s no difference. As long as whatever method you’re using gets the energy flowing. I wouldn’t mix these since they have opposing views, which brings in energies working counter each other. But I wouldn’t practice either in the first place, so, why not suck it and see? Live and learn.


Interesting. I though his counterclockwise invoking was to represent the LHP going counterclockwise the natural flow and bending the spiritual to your will.

This is what she says in her book. “Don’t stab the ritual blade into the air”. Now english is not my first langue so I could have translated wrong.

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No worries! That makes sense. In English that could mean don’t be aggressive with the blade, “stab” has a very aggressive meaning attached to it. At least that is how I read it. I still use a blade to evoke spirits, and I personally prefer clockwise but magic still works counterclockwise.

As for your other comment about counterclockwise, you could be right! I haven’t read LaVey in a long time. In some Witchcraft clockwise can mean doing positive or good work, and counterclockwise can be for curses or banishing something. Not always, but many people have different ideas!

So if I just point out in the air slowly when I recite the Enn?

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That can work! As long as you aren’t aggressive, but be confident and have grace

Good luck with all your research and practice :sparkles:

Is this considered to be aggressive what he is doing 22:21?

There one in the same and don’t have different effects. Different effects on different people yes. There different because thats what the people believed & what they were taught. Mix or don’t mix you will get results & as long as your not doing anything harsh to disrespect the demons then your good. Do what you want in any way that helps your ascent.