"Satan, Lucifer, Enki, Ea"


Except Lucifer is only Venusian. He’s the Roman God of the Morning Star, which is Venus. That’s about as planetarily pigeonholed as they come.


Deprogramm your mind. Then you can start reprogramming.


An open mind is the same thing as an empty one. I was not gifted a mind only to forego its use. I see no difference in the “God works in mysterious ways” of the Christians to what you are saying. It is literally brainwashing.


If you can give me a legitimate connection between Enki/Ea and Lucifer that’d be helpful, but just saying, “That’s what he said.” Isn’t a satisfactory answer.


If we’re only going by that, we’d have to throw out the last 100 years of how he’s appeared in demonolatry. Songs pretty limiting tbh


I’m sorry I can’t resonate with your human concrete logic… You can believe what you want, I shared my knowledge and gave an advice, it’s not my business from there on.


I don’t mind that.


Yes, I’m pretty sure that the Ancient Greeks and Romans knew their gods, I’m pretty sure the Ancient Sumerians, Babylonians, and Akkadians knew their gods.

I’m pretty sure that they knew their Astrological correspondences better than we, because it was their reality. I’m fine with looking for connections between deities, but it has to make sense with what the people who discovered their gods would have known.

And I don’t mind novelty, but it can’t be nonsense.


Okay, on to my own contribution for this!

If you ask Lucifer is he’s Enki and he says no, but another member got a yes, then it’s probably down to the understanding of what they are as beings. I personally have a few “alternates” of myself, that I will deny that I am actually them to certain people but to others will tell the truth.

Last night I had a great conversation with a few demons on the understanding of the universe itself. While it would take a books worth of pages to explain, it comes down to that fact that the entire “universe” (including all realms) is complex and detailed. Everything exists at once, and yet never existed at all. Each living consciousness can be connected and yet not connected all at the same time. So if demons are a part of this, then they can be both a separate entity, and a connected entity all at once. They can combine out consciousness with us, and with another demon at the same time. I think this is why they can be Lucifer, Enki, and Ea all at once, without actually being the entity. They share a connection in the universe that creates what us humans might call a “brain”, but to them it comes out as several different conscious’s.

I don’t know if any of that made sense, like I said, last night I had a amazing discussion on how everything ever operated and I feel a bit like a mad scientist yet when you really think about it, it all makes sense. Maybe I should a write book about this :laughing:


When you have developed your own powers evoke or invoke (which ever you are comfortable with) Lucifer and ask for yourself this way you have your own personal answer/information.


In my beginning post I stated that I have evoked him before, I wanted to hear if anyone used the second sigil and what their experience was before I tried it myself. I’ll post my findings after, of course! :slightly_smiling_face:


I think BALG should create a magical or demonic “Myths and Legend” catigory that would be very useful. Many writers (H.P. Lovecraft) have taken ancient lore and created some great works of fiction, the bible included. some of the books have become films… Once it gets its way into the public eye it seems to take on a life of its own!


I noticed that as well.


Demon hive mind


After studying Sumerian language and symbols, I think Lovecraft channelled at leas th some of the Necronomicon or had seen th translations from the actual tablets themselves. You can view some of it on John Hallorans Lexicon on the web.


Fair enough…who knows where he got his brilliance from. :two_hearts:


I got exactly the same response from him myself and yes he does indeed to go by the name Enki. I didn’t really envoke though exactly, he just kinda came, which is astounding as I’m pretty new to the path. - but the sigil in my mind was the top one but in red. He said he was a version of lucifer. They kinda of are 1 and the same as twins souls. 2 sides of the same coin.

His energy is really intense isn’t it! He did seem agitated at the name satan as it’s a title. He said it’s assiciated with evil and Christian imigary of devils with horns which is disrespectful and incorrect. I have upmost respect for him and totally understand how annoying this must be that so much misinterpretation has happened over thousands of years.


Same here on evoking them! I rarely have to evoke a demon to talk to them unless it’s something important, or I haven’t met them before. Paimon sometimes introduces me to other demons, he did so with Belial last night after I expressed interest in wanting to work with him. Suddenly a few hour later Belial shows up, the energy from him is crazy strong (or I maybe just wasn’t used to his particular energy signature).

Funny though, I asked if he wanted an offering of some type in exchange to ask him questions, I jokingly was about to say “no you can’t have my big mac” when suddenly he goes (with a slight smirk mind you) “I’ll take the big mac” >.> Belial pls, I was enjoying that burger. And yes, I let him have the burger.


Funnily enough it was Belial who was the first entity I spoke to. Again weirdly that wasn’t an intentional evocation either! You’re right he does have a jolt side but it depends what mood you get him in! He’s partial to a glass of port you know. -
If you see one of my other threads ( which I don’t know how to attach here sorry!) then you’ll get the picture. He was helpful to me and again has a lot of energy. Not in a bad way butween between him, Enki and Lucifer over the last 6 weeks I’m not joking I’ve had to replace 1 mirror, 6 light bulbs, and a small chandelier!
I apparently have some kind of ‘ calling’ which resolnates from dealing with them before in past lives. I’m a very ancient soul. - i have always felt an inclination towards the LHP which only intensified this year after a few personal issues and loss of a family member. 2 did ‘ visit’ me a while back who I certainly didn’t call on. It’s hard to know exactly where my path will lead but the negative energy sent from baneful ex friend had only fuelled my fire and made me work towards the path of enlightenment and increasing skills/ powers all the more to deal with the shit in my life I’m not happy with!
I continue to speak to ‘Enki’ and maybe if you ask me some questions I might be able to find out for you. I can only say conclusively that he and lucifer are NOT the same entity but are close relatives! ( of the same ‘atom’ as it were of creation )