Satan Is Just Myself?

Hi everyone. I had a question and its about Satan and demons. I have seen and heard that some people view Satan as the self and others view him as not the self, I have had many dreams of seeing myself as Satan or a demon in a demonic realm having powers and flying around and going to different regions of that realm. So if I choose to see myself as Satan based on my experiences wouldn’t that also mean that before I incarnated on earth. I was in the demon realm as a leader of demons?

Dreams are usually symbolic, not literal. They most commonly help you sort out memories, solve problems and show wish fulfillment activities. Maybe it means you would like to have powers and fly around in the astral?

It would be a good idea to break this down into the component symbols and figure out what it means to you. What is satan to you, what does that figure represent with respect to where you are now? Is this more like, an ascended being, is it about power, what else does it do that you would like to?
Then, what does this space represent, what does traveling around it imply, as a “leader” does it say anything about how you relate to people… that sort of thing.

In my worldview, “satan” isn’t an actual being per se, but an egregore made up by humans, actually a lot of egrgores, since “a satan” means anyone adversarial to the xtain religion… so they aren’t the leaders of anything in particular. But I don’t believe in “demons” either, because I’m not JCI.

So it depends what your model of the universe looks like as to what you think a satan is and what your subconscious is trying to tell you, but it’s probably something personally important about how you relate to the world and relevant to your immediate thoughts and path. :slight_smile:

Well it depends because there’s no one set truth of what dreams are, if your a materialist then you would believe dreams to be symbolic or not literal. But I believe them to be literal in a way because I have actually had dreams where I would get high and upon waking up I would feel high. I have done many things in my dreams that more likely proves it to be literal for myself.

I’m not too sure what Satan represents to me but I will look into it, thanks for commenting on my post.


I agree, although, Ironically, it can be said that is in some ways materialist to then insist dreams are wholly literal. I believe they are literal in that way but of course they can also be symbolic representations of different things, just as we are able to see omens in the physical world that relate to one thing or another. For example, when contemplating whether someone will survive their illness, and an owl lands nearby, this can be an omen of their death.

The world of dreams and mind, being the Spiritus Mundi in tradition, is real, but simply different from the material world, being neither wholly physical nor spiritual. So, traditionally there are talismans and methods listed to recieve “true dreams” which are of the divine light, rather than of the body. So we also have methods in Geomancy to determine whether or not a dream was significant or not.