Satan and music

So I have been wondering about this. Why do the big musicians have a deal with Satan?
If Lucifer is the spirit of music and King Belail is the spirit that can help you be loved by may and gain fame?

Most musicians have secret messages to and from Satan and seem to have a deal with Satan, why? What is the significance?


Simply because a musician has Satanic themes or lyrics in their music, you can hardly jump to the conclusion that all “the big musicians have a deal with Satan.”

That’s like saying, “I have a black cat, so all cats must be black.” It’s ridiculous.

Satanism is like sex: it sells. It’s really as simple as that. While it is possible that some musicians might actually be involved in the occult, most of them do it just for show. Alice Cooper, one of the granddaddies of shock rock, for example, is a Christian, and though he originally created his persona as a way to escape his religious upbringing, he remained a Christian, and reaffirmed his faith in his recovery from alcoholism.

Most people equate Lucifer and Satan as the same being.

But since when is Lucifer the spirit of music? :thinking:

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It is mentioned in so many texts and also the christian history. But I am no professor so if you know better please inform me. I am here to learn. Oh and I do not refer to any being as Angel or Demon I just use the word spirit.

A lot of Christians believe anything that doesn’t follow the tenets of their religion is automatically in league with Satan. However, that certainly doesn’t make it so. They have been calling rock and roll “The Devil’s Music” since it first began due to its influence on the young and its heavy emphasis on sex. Hell, they called Elvis Presley sinful because of him gyrating his hips on stage, and causing teenage girls to lose their minds. It didn’t mean he actually made a deal with the devil (Elvis was a Christian, and he learned to sing from listening to black gospel choirs).

Such as? You have to remember that a lot of what is spread about rock stars is myth and legend. Take my example of Alice Cooper. He became notorious in 1969 when a story went around that he tore the head off a chicken on stage and drank its blood. However, he didn’t actually do that. It was just a story that someone made up that became legend through repetition (the band had two pet chickens and one of them died in an accident during a show).

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“Simply because a musician has Satanic themes or lyrics in their music, you can hardly jump to the conclusion that all “the big musicians have a deal with Satan.””

I know this for a fact. Was part of the Black Metal scene since the early 90s ( I am from Norway and knew everybody very well ) only one band member of all the classic BM bands is a satanist. The rest are very ordinary, not even that spiritual, just metal heads without any belief.

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It’s because Satan, power and sex are related

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Some are simply trying to get attention while others are truly followers or in some cases worshippers of these spirits

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Satan doesn’t help with specific things like how Bune helps with magickal abilities. As the king of demons, Satan helps those who reach out to him for anything including magic.

Thank you all for your input specially @DarkestKnight and @NorwegianVVitch. I know about the whole thing of Metal bands just acting Satanic and doing it for the show.
I am a 90s kid myself I am still heavy into Metal so I know all the musicians you have mentioned and even more on this topic. How ever I know that people usually just bored normal people create these stories of musicians that are Satan’s workers and so on. But what about the msges in the actual music? like Hotel California when you play it backwards and allot of the newer POP and Rap artists? They all seem to have a thing for Satan.
We are getting far from what I originally wanted to learn though. I am a musician and I would like to get some spiritual help with my career and that is why I am asking.
Like I said I am here to learn not stand behind statements, this is not a debate for me.