Sastan sigil


recently feeling drawn to him,becuase i want to strengh my spirit senses…
i tried to search on google and on the forum aswell
can someone show me the sigil of sastan?



i did it


Aren’t satan and sastan two different beings?


they are not


so you’re telling me there the same


no they arent - just my opinion


Im literally just asking this because I too have looked for sastan’s seal/sigil to ask to impress my senses and ive come up unlucky so i wanted to make sure whether or not that is the same being just another mask of it just like im told lucifer has different masks


Sastan is NOT Satan. Sastan is a Spirit from EA’s grimoire Kingdoms of Flame. That grimoire contains Angels, Demons and another class of beings simply called Spirits, with a capital s, because they are neither angelic nor demonic. He has nothing to do with Satan or Lucifer at all.

You can’t find his seal via Google because it is only found in EA’s work.


Thank you for clearing that up for me. @DarkestKnight


No problem. If you want his sigil, I can post it for you,


Yes I would like you to post his sigil.



Great. Ty :sunny: