Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Nakani etc,
Has anyone ever had an encounter? Can these beings be invoked? evoked? They are inter-dimensional living among us just beyond the veil. They seem to be our friends for the most part and they have given humans messages about our life and planet. Some have lived in harmony among human families on certain properties for decades and have daily contact. They are rarely visible. They can move through material. They have favourite foods/yummies. They like gifting. They like to play and are quite funny at times. It would be extremely interesting if contact could be made often so that we could find out what they are doing here among us and what they want or want us to do. This would require a very experienced individual who could come up with a ritual and so forth. Thanks for reading! Hail !


Can’t say I have seen a Bigfoot, however I did encounter a Jeepers Creepers / New Jersey Devil type creature on a county road when I was a child. My dad was driving I thought a deer had jumped out in front of us until I saw its massive bat-like wings flap and noticed it was flying a few feet off the ground. We almost hit it and it swooped around and started chasing us. I started freaking out and urged my dad to go faster before it caught backup to us. I don’t think he believed me at first and wasn’t going to break the speed limit for no reason. Until it came into vision in the rearview mirror out of the dark into the illumination of the taillights. He immediately stomped on the accelerator and it kept up until we hit 100 mph. Man I kid you not that thing was fast…

Sometimes I feel like it’s still stalking me…


Dammit mon! Creepers fo sure! Thanks for that. I have heard of the NJ Devil. Creepy creepy are also the Skinwalkers which are an ancient Navajo traditional story. They are around even today. And Skinwalker ranch in Idaho has had so much shit going on there, it is mind boggling and totally freaky. What the fck are all these creatures doing here? It was even seen from a mountain side one time when a portal (hole) opened up over the ranch and a super black creeper crawled out of it and scurried up the mountain and away.

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There are mixed ideas about this. ne view is of them being an ancient terrestrial race, whom actually eat humans…but there are also reports of ppl encountering them where those ppls are not consumed as a meal…

In fact, it’s a freaking interesting topic because it’s just purely interesting dealing with ultra-terrestrial and hidden terrestrial races. They seem more advanced than us, smell horrific, and I will claim use a technology allowing them to blink in and out…if its not a technology, then this would suggest their living areas overlap with humans in forested areas, or Earth from another frequency is interacting with ours in such a way entities and beings can move from the other world to ours…and why not since we essentially do that by contacting demons, angels, and godforms anyways?

I’d go as far to propose an experiment of trying to establish contact using some occult means before trying to get them to physically show up or evoking them…If indeed they are hostile and eat ppl…it’s not the best idea to conjure them into full manifestation.

This makes me wonder if i could work out a means to try to establish contact…That said I would then need a psychic, because I ain’t got a psychic ability in any cell of my mind and body…The person would serve as a seer who can recieve the messages and send them based on a script established to ascertain their nature, and facilitate contact in a mean by which; that as operators of the occult, there is still some safety mechanism? And if they are hostile, more technologically advanced, they’d find us and leave mutilated human corpses all over the place anyways, so on hindsight, safety measures would be a waste. Especially if they are technologically advanced.

Any encounter or contact would only establish rapport with the individual entity of their race contacted, and can not be said to be an adequate evaluation as to whether the race as a whole is freindly…Just as we have psychopaths, violent people, and destructive individuals in the human race, so too would we expect and respect the variations across individuals…The focus would be to contact individuals of their race as INDIVIDUALS, in the same manner is done with demons.

Chances are their species know of humans already…No idea how advanced they are but if one can materialize and de-materialize, we humans are primitive technologically in comparison…Of course be they something that feed off of ppl…well , they coulda have cattle herded us from the beginning…and who’s to say they haven’t???

The question then is what system one would use to establish contact…Could be overthinking, but the idea of sending out a message to the universe to connect to one seems like a bad idea…it would sort of open us up for something that mimicks the things and masks itself as the things to fall into human expectations…but then how do we know anyone and everyone we dont deal with in ritual isn’t a copy of something else inaccessible to us…

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I like where you’re going with this. I figure it is a realm not yet studied enough even when we’ve known about all sorts of beings since ancient times. And this is all over the globe. The governments definitely know a lot more than any of us. They may even have some as allies or making deals with them for whatever reasons. In any case, we the people should be let in on all the info. Freedom of information on this subject would be essential so that we all can be prepared for what is to come. I would encourage more magicians to get in on this subject and figure out a scheme of attack. They are highly evolved beings. Care must be taken as to who and how to make contact efforts. There are many questions here. Hail

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Yeah skinwalkers seriously creep me out…

I’ve heard of this before. What’s been going on there lately?

There is a native American reservation I know of in Nebraska that has stories of:

A Pigman
little green men

It’s another paranormal hotspot I’ve heard some stories from people and I did see a huge bird shadow while out there that might have been Thunderbird. Although on that one I’m not entirely sure, because I just saw the shadow for a moment and never saw the actual bird that was casting the shadow as it flew over, but it was huge for sure.

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I do know of a Sasquatch family here in Canada that have interacted with humans for over 30yrs. If I could find out from the property owners whether or not this might be a way to get some of them to answer a call…still would need more magicians online as well as psychics maybe?

Let me know if you get something sorted

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It would be an interesting venture to go out there and try to open a portal. Not only to see what comes in, but to see if for breif periods if operators can enter their realm…of course all done with respect to their race ; being more ancient and advanced probably…because if we piss em off, im sure we’ll disappear…

The only reason why i have my doubts about the government knowing more than us , lies in the fact that they are mostly incompetent, and used mostly for political (lobbying) theater…If anything, I think occultists would know more on the subject.

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We should get together and make a HUUUGE crop circle - The Seal of Satan! Would someone UP THERE or SOMEWHERE answer us? A bit off topic here but … just had a flash thought. I like to express my thoughts like this because it may open channels with other humans. Hail


Maybe part of the etc…

As a younger Mage messing with the ouija board at college in Warwickshire
I was chased maybe influenced by the presence of what i visualised to be a Werewolf at the time.

I remember local folklore telling of a character known as Barloo the Bear that stocked the woods, Maybe it was the influence of the ouija board or my interest in the occult and my love for nature but i dont think it was Barloo the bear that stalked me that night.

A frightening experience i have retold the tale a few times.

Since then, back when i was 18, i have encountered the same entity more than a few times.

Its the Noise, always the Noise a loud scream and Howl mixed with gurgling and hunger coupled with this image, sense of a being of pure unbridled nature in torment. coming for me!

a few times friends once a lover was present there words to me at the time " Davie, Run!"

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A massive sigil crop circle is a fucking super awesome idea…especially if its constructed in a field in an area very very very active with paranormal occurences.


Moved to general category. Cryptids are not Spirits in keeping with the spirit (ha) of the Spirits, Evocation and possession category.
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I’m just going to say, I suspect the owners of this forum would not like to be associated with any actual physical property damage. Farmers live on very low profit margins, so that crop circles can destroy people’s livelihoods and give cause for legal action.

@Lady_Eva ?


I saw a shadowy creature when I was in my childhood. It looked like a giant bush baby.

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Creep’tozoology :crazy_face:

Get the farmer’s permission first please, posting inviting others to commit property damage is a risky road for this forum to go down. :+1:

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Anyone know how to summon a UFO?