I have a dillema. I m in a toxic on and off affair with a dude; i tried cutting him off but he just won t give up. I like him but this is hurting me because he is with someone else and a notorious womanizer. In the beginning , he was a bit in love with me, but after I did some things to him and blocked him etc his behaviour towards me changed, as in he treats me like i m a whore or something. I don t understand why he wouldn t let me be .
Should I try summoning duke Sallos to make this guy feel what he felt in the beginning ?

No, this sounds like narcissistic behaviour, and you can’t fix it - he’s sustained what they call a “narcissistic wound” which threatens his fragile self esteem, and hurting you is how he’ll prove to himself you’re wrong and he’s the victim and the good guy. Narcs don’t love - they don’t love themselves so they can’t. They do “love bomb” to gain narcissistic supply from people - that’s you. It’s basically a form of parasitism by an entity only this one has a human body.

If I’m right, and I’m not qualified to say, I’m just noticing a parallel in this behaviour to what I understand about narcissism, there’s no way to win in this. It can get worse, it can get more confusing, he can start turning your social network against you by badmouthing you behind your back, and worse.

I suggest looking up some info about it and other emotional issues people can have on yt and see if it helps you recognise what’s going on. I like Richard Grannon a lot, but there are others. Dr Todd Grande is awesome as well.

A good rule of thumb is - if you’re confused, it’s not your fault, the dude is using that to keep you off guard, disempowered and failing to make decisions or protect your boundaries effectively.

Magick wise, I’d go for an immediate binding to limit the damage he could do by talking shit about you to his gf and others - he will paint himself he victim and you the crazy aggressive, stalking ex he can’t get rid of, things like that. Stuff that turns even friends against you.

Bind him out of your life, block him on everything and make him not exist in your world.

That’s my tuppence. Sadly, speaking from experience.
Decent people can’t even imagine the things these narcs can do to hurt you until it’s too late. And they don’t have to be diagnosed with full blown NPD to do it. Narcs almost never seek therapy anyway, they can’t handle admitting their MOs don’t work and that it’s they that are the problem. Learn from the stories of others and you have time to avoid their pain.

After that, allow yourself some self-respect, and be kind to yourself :slight_smile: … He’s already made it clear you’ll get none of that from him. You deserve better.


wow , thanks! yea, he has changed a lot since I met him. he is horrible as a person if I come to think about it. He cheats on his gf with multiple women and he lies too ,but he was in love with me when we first met. I did some nasty stuff to him then. Yea I was actually in a conundrum: to make him love me again or to make him go away and let me be.what would u recommend for the latter?
Idk why I am so obsessed with him; before I had him on block he was obsessed too, but I guess it hurts that he is no longer into me as much.

The obsession is completely normal and is deliberately engineered by his behaviour, that’s the point of him pretending to love you early on. His version of obsession may only have been this “love bombing” I mentioned - look it up, that’s a known technique narcs use, on purpose to get new victims addicted to them.

They make you feel amazing, so that you want more, and it’s ok that you may never quite stop wanting him - but what you choose to do with that is up to you. You can ignore it and it will fade over time.

Yeah, personally, I can’t see this going anywhere good, and lots worse, I would get him gone. And, forgive yourself for the nasty stuff you did, if you need to, you live and you learn, you don’t owe him anything.

I would bind him to prevent him working against me, I like to use poppets and I bind them, mouth, heart and body with black thread and bury them in the back of the freezer. When I happen to see them, that provides an opportunity to remember he is bound and check in on the working patterns.

Practically, I would block his phone number at the carrier, block all social media, tell my friends what you told us and why he’s blocked.
Be prepared that if he got to them first you may lose mutual friends. You could try Dantaliion or Paimon for help with getting them back if you want. Me, friends that believed lies against me with out even asking me, to get my side, without supporting me, aren’t friends, and I’d block them too. Find real friends.

If you want to get more drastic you could try spirits to get him to foregt about you so he doesn’t chase you - he will take this as an attack, and generally attempt to love bomb you again to get you reattached. It’s convincing, but it’s not just the lies - he internally laughs at you, and despises you for being so weak and stupid as to believe him. He thinks love is weakness, and his lack makes him superior… That’s how broken narcs really are.
It makes it easy for him to dehumanise you and use you as an object.

Yeah, it hurts, I’m sorry :frowning:
It’s better to take the hit now, before it get worse. Also remember, with him in the way it’s hard to let real love come to you, where you are respected and cherished and cared for, and can care in turn.

If you’re anything like me, as a woman, we need to care for our man, and you can’t do that with so many other women in his life, and him not even wanting that gift.

Figure out what your needs are from a relationship, regardless of “who”, and do workings to bring that into your life :slight_smile:


Yea he was blocked for 1 year , but he reached out in different ways,other peoples accounts etc… this is so weird, I ve never felt like this and I m 34 years old and had many boyfriends in my life. Anyway thanks a lot for your answer xx

This is him deliberately ignoring the boundaries you set. It’s stalking and this is not ok.

Personally, I would not respond to him but talk to the person he used. Explain he was emotionally abusive and you have blocked him on all media for a good reason, and ask them not to relay any more messages.

You don’t have to go into detail, or defend yourself, and if they try to probe just say it’s painful and you don’t want to talk about it. It will get the message across and they’ll bear it in mind the next time he tried to negate your boundaries.

One of the reasons he’s picked you is he thinks you have weaker boundaries than others, making you an easier target. You can fix that very easily.

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Yea, I guess so. I just can t get over him it s been 2 years now. Well anyway, he is not that into me anymore so I guess this was the end of it , I think I needed closure. I did the Sallos ritual though. I m curious if it works.

keep us updated if you can and hopefully it gets better for you

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In my meditation during the ritual, I asked the Duke if he could come in my dream, as he did the first time I summoned him, years ago. I had 2 dreams: the first was my target( the guy) telling me he can t do what I want him to do (?) which made me very sad. The second dream , I believe it was the duke Sallos, who looked exactly like my target only he had a more extravagant hairstyle, and he was smoking cigars. He was in his underwear, in a hotel room; we were talking as he was smoking ,he was very nice and willing to help me with everyhting I wanted. Regardless,I woke up very sad and cried the whole day. I m gonna take this as a no …my subconscious mind knows better probably.

will do. will give it a couple of weeks and see what happens

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update: it s all a bunch of jibberish tbh. nothing happened, the guy is hot and cold, I can feel his interest for me fading ,Definitely not like before , and tbh He was the one who reached out for me , not the other way around , and he already has lust for me, so in theory it should not be hard for a supposedly strong spirit to develop that into what I want. So i m actually doubting this whole magick and demons thing. Maybe it s just a waste of time. i ll burn everyhting and just move on. Oh, and not to mention that I was supposed to see the guy but I got sick and couldn t see him , so maybe he got upset or something because he stopped texting me like before so

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What are you trying to do? Ask yourself why you even want this guy to have anything to do with you. Sometimes magick is not what we need but a practical logical approach. This guy sounds like a complete a-hole and I don’t know what you see in him. There’s many rituals and spirits that can help if you just want a fling, Sallos is mainly for true love and marriage. Sitri is more the fling type. But really think about what it is you even want. You blocked this guy for a year, and from what you said about him he’s a terrible person. Now he’s still playing games. Why do you settle for this?

Because I have a huge sexual chemistry with him. And because I am in love with him . I know he was too but now I can feel that he isn t anymore . But you are right, my feelings are also mixed, as in when he turns cold, i get frustrated and naturally I just want him to leave me alone in those moments. I asked Sallos for help because I want to be with this guy. I don t need Sitri, he already wants me sexually. I dont know what to do. I wanna burn all the fucking sigils it s all crap

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Sometimes the magick doesn’t work the way we want it to. Demons are not slaves who will do what we ask them to just because we petition them to. Sallos might not even be willing to work on this any more. From what I’ve read it’s like you’re trying to force a circle into a square. How do you know this guy ever had any genuine love for you at all? People can say and do things to make you think they love you, but you have to read between the lines. What did he do that made you think he loved you? Ask yourself this, if you have to keep using magick to keep someone around, is it even worth it in the long run? If you still want this guy then consider using a different spirit and a different approach. I’m not trying to be judgmental, but I’ve gone through my share of trying to keep worthless people around with magick because I was in love. In the end it just wasn’t worth it.

I m sorry but a fail is still a fail and it s not on me, I had pretty good odds at this trust me. No point in talking about it anymore. Sigil burnt, released spirit of it s contract( not that I believe in it anymore ), will stop answering this guys texts and calls. Magick is not real. The promissed land is in the lion’s den.

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