Sallos - teaching you attraction

Before we begin - thank you Sallos. :slight_smile:

So, people usually talk how Sallos can bring anyone they desire to them. This is true… but…

Sallos isn’t only about making a person lose their head for you - he can teach you how to be that one dude who has 5 girlfriends and 7 fuck buddies at all times.


He can teach you how to strike deep into that abundance mentality with women, and never again have any problems with women.

Evoke him, ask for his help, and watch for any strange… coincidences. This could be a random article, course, or product that piques your interest but is just slightly out of your comfort zone.

Most likely, this is the duke guiding you to greater attraction with women.

Interestingly, this draws a parallel to Marbas - while Marbas is an absolute master at giving you exactly what you need at the moment in regards to your physical/energetic development (basically anything related in some sort to systems of any kind), Sallos can pin-point the exact area you need to work on to be able to attract women effortlessly.

So, if you lack men/women in your life, and desire to learn how to attract people, contact Sallos.

Again, shout out to duke Sallos. :slight_smile:


Bookmarked for future reference :grin:


When I said his enn and asked for help with a girl he basically told me to just demand her number lmao


I want to try new goetia spirits for lust, thanks

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Confidence compliments initiation :sunglasses: I wish you great success​:metal::black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:



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well yeah, you have to make a path for him to work

Been dying to work with Duke Sallos, will try.

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I have contacted the great duke sallos 2 times now and well I didn’t get a vibe or anything so I don’t know if I was heard and he’s working on my case. He didn’t speak to me or gave me any sign so am I missing something or is there another way to do the summoning?


Well he didn’t deliver for me I’m here without my request so I don’t know

Did you offer him something in return?

Yes I did when I called on him I offered wine and offered to let people know of his good work if he comes to help

In August?
And did you let go of it afterwards or what else did you do?

I did a bunch of stuff can’t remember it was awhile somebody had me do a sugar jar and have his sigil on top of jar and then bury the jar. You mention let go of it are you referring to the wine if so yes and the sigil I drew and nothing

No, I heard that if you are lusting too much for the result, it won’t happen. You have to let go somehow… although I know it’s hard… trust in the demon and/or Magick to work.
I don’t know what you asked for… but if nothing happened since last August, you could ask another demon maybe or ask Sallos again? Also… you could tell him what he‘ll get AFTER he did what you wished for.

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I don’t know somehow I don’t think anything will happen I think it’s foolish of me to believe in any of this because I’ve been several places and done so many things and nothing wanting something so much shouldn’t make it not happen. You would think wanting it and your intent being behind thing would make it strong maybe I’m wrong :woman_shrugging:t4:

I’ve heard/read a lot of great things about Sallos. I definitely want to work with him. Which is the best way for me to go about this?

try him…you will never regret…I just miss him…

Any tips on how to evoke him?

Use his sigil