Sallos summoning help

Hi, so I’m gonna attempt to envoke Duke Sallos using the petition paper methood and was wonder if people could tell if I should do anything else to get a better results.I tried envoking him yesterday but didn’t feel like her heard me since I didn’t have the incent and all I had was the petition paper and sigil but I still asked for my request and burnt the paper. I currently have sandalwood incense, his sigil, and my petition written out, and was gonna put blood on the sigil which I also did yesterday. I was gonna get a red candle but I couldn’t find a red one at the store. I’m gonna offer him once what I asked for I receive, giving him acknowledment by telling people what he did for me and wine for him. Is here anything else you guys recommend here since I’m fairly new to this?

Have you tried meditating on his sigil or chanting his enn yet? His enn is serena alora sallos aken. I usually just chant the enn and gaze at the sigil until I feel a presence or shift in the room. Also I don’t know if this is my place to say this but you have to post an intro here: Introduce Yourself To Members Of The Forum

I haven’t tried that thanks for your suggestion. How many times should I chant the enn?

I just chant the enn until I feel a presence. I read somewhere that spirits always hear you when you call them so just have faith in yourself.

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I used the book demons of Magick to summon Duke Sallos first time and didn’t feel anything , then I did it with just his Sigil and enn and I have no doubt he was there ! I only used a candle to confirm he was there when the flame went crazy , I’m a newbie and can’t yet hear spirits

How did it go NR12? Any luck in summoning the Duke?

I haven’t done it yet, I’m either gonna do it tomrrow or Monday. I’ve had a really busy schedule at the moment and been exhausted lately.

So I did the ritual and don’t know how it went, it feels like a maybe he showed up and heard me.