Sallos, Sargatanas and targeting someone with love spell

Hi everyone, i did a love spell with Sallos and i asked him to bring me someone and i find myself interested again in someone that i done love spell on with Saragatanas.
It was around 3 months ago and the love spell went really well thanks to @Verdo and his help and advices.
She asked me out for studying but the paranoia took over and i thought its a trap and she wants to make fun of me so i asked Sargatanas that i dont want to be with her and thanks him.
Now i find myself interested in her again and i want to target her again but should i ask Sargatanas or Sallos?
The reason i ask this is i ask Sallos few days ago to bring me my soulmate.
Is it distespectful to ask Sallos i dont have that request and then i ask Saragtanas my request?
Can Sallos do targeted love spells and does he care for freewill? I know Sargatanas dont care for freewill.

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I think you should work on your paranoia and why you feel this woman would make fun of you. It could be because of past trauma or negative experiences, but before you move forward with her, and risk this cycle of calling a spirit to bring her to you, only to push her away again, I would nip this issue in the bud.


Yeah i should work on it

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No he does not care about free will what so ever

He can be ruthless tho

Duke Sallos will be much more respectful of her than Sargatanas. I do think he cares about free will or at least the person’s feelings slightly. He’s gentle at least.

As a metaphor, let’s say that instead of entities making someone love you, they’re friends you can ask to take your cat to the vet because you have to work that day.

Duke Sallos would lure the cat into a kennel with a treat, pet it on the head, and then close the door softly. He’d place the kennel in the front seat and talk to the cat all the way to the vet. After the appointment, he’d probably play with the cat for a while before he left.

Sargatanas would drag the cat out from under the bed, shove it in the kennel, and slam the door shut. He’d stick it in the back seat and listen to music the whole way there. After the appointment, he’d drop the cat off at your house and leave.

The end result is the same. Your friend took your cat to the vet while you were at work. Your experience is the same either way. It’s the cat whose experience is different depending on who you choose. You will never even know how the cat’s day went.




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Sargatanas or Salos right?

I think it’s not that they don’t care, but humans have free will, and an aspect of free will is that you can choose to try to override other human’s free will. This means your will and your energy has to be stronger than the other persons for it to work.

These spirits can’t override free will on their own, they can’t interfere in human affairs without being asked, but as long as they have your permission as a human then acting though you they can behave as a tool that you are using: all the spiritual responsibility remains with you.

It’s an aspect of this planet that all incarnate beings on it have free will… Sallos and Sartgatanas are not incarnates here, so that’s why they’re not allowed to interfere on their own accord: you have to do it. They don’t judge you for it, but they do care.

Imo, as usual. :smiley:

So you mean you want to give up finding a soulmate in favour of the next thing?
It’s already done. Soulmates exist and the relationship won’t change on the spiritual level, but you can try NOT to attract people who have soul connections to you.

Soul mate relationships are not what people think, they can be very hard and they encourage rapid growth with is good for you but can be painful at the time. If you’re not ready to grow don’t call soulmates into your life, you’ll just bring yourself a hassle you don’t want.

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