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Hi everyone! I´m a newbie when it comes to black magic so I´m asking for some advise. I want to do a pact with Sallos to bring make an ex-girlfriend fall in love with me again. I tried to contact Zepar but with no results… The situation is this: this is the girl I lost my virginity to. We were together for a few time and the distance eventually make her lost any feelings she may had. I kept talking to her as a friend and she really liked to talk to me but a few days ago she told me that she was afraid of hurting me and I that was the confirmation that was nothing more than a friend. That was even after I tryed to contact Zepar, when things seemed to be evolving, as she was telling some things that at least to me you don´t tell a friend. Then I told her that I was going to stop talking to her as it was the best for me. Now my question is: after the pact should I contact her or should I just wait for her to talk to me again? And about the pact, can I do with by just writing a letter? Sorry for the long text, I really hope you can help me.

Maby you should try a spirit that changes minds instead like dantalion

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Thanks. I will have that in consideration
[/quote]By the way, do you think I should contact her after the pact?

I would say no…no contact at all while you’re doing the ritual…that will be the hardest part. Look up the intranquil spirit spell and follow those rules. I don’t mean do that spell but tell the spirit that you decide to have her contact you…contacting the target during the ritual messes up the work!

Thanks! Sorry to bother you but for how much do you think I should wait? I had a dream last night in which I assalted her, I don´t even know what that should mean…

I know how you feel…but I couldn’t give you a time should do the ritual…ask the spirit to have your target contact you. Do not do anything in the meantime in the physical world contrary to the ritual…so I guess until the spirit grants your request…but contacting her and using un necessary emotional energy makes things worse.

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Try experiments and see what works .

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She just contacted me but I didn´t opened the message because I decided to wait a few time before answering. When I was about to answer she had cancelled the message. Should I contact her now? And if so should I pretend I didn´t saw?

She contacted me and then she cancelled the message. Should I text her now?

That’s up to you dude , put in an effort .

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Well, It’s complicated because if I did have answered, the conversation could evolve from there and I know well that I shouldn’t expect the Duke to do all the work. One the other hand, once she cancelled the message (maybe she thinks I don’t wanna talk to her anymore) technically it would be me who initiated contact, as I couldn’t just say that I saw the message but was waiting for some time to pass. So all my asking is for some insight from you, if you dont’t mind of course. BTW sorry for my english

Make some more offerings to the spirit .

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Thanks dude I just did that. But before that I asked for a signal and the fact is that she texted me. I just feel like I wasted a chance but I’m also not sure if texting her myself is the best thing to do.

Yo bro don’t over think it , keep making offerings and fight for what you want .

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But isn’t making offers before he gives me what I asked for a mistake??

Depends on how you approach him , if you give him offerings before asked it would probably cultivate a bond and he’d give you gifts and blessings , decide what you want and act to suit .

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Thanks my friend. Today we talked by videocall for like 3 hours. She told me she had missed talking to me essentially because I’m the one who she could talk with about anything (I know I am the most cultured of all her male and female friends) and it was a really fun conversation but I just feel that everything stays the same, the vibe I got is that she stills sees me as a nice friend, in the best case scenario her best one. The only thing that I found a bit strange was the fact that she the told me in the beginning of the conversation that she was kinda shy to talk, even though it was her who wanted to talk by video call in the first place. She never said something like that before, she is anything but shy, in fact I was always the shy one, also said I was looking a bit different (in a good way), looking more mature (me being 2 years younger was always a big thing for her, like I was a kid) and posted a story on instagram after our conversation of one of that astrology stuff saying that “nothing happens without a purpose”. Could this be a good signal? I mean, it can’t be bad, but a sign the she is looking at me in a different way? Sorry to bother you one more time.

Ummmm I think if she contacted you you should talk to her but this is a forum for occult and magic…you might want to look for a relationship forum for that kind of advice

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