Sallos or Zepar and why?

Would like to ask people who have worked with both or either how did you choose and why?

I havent worked with Zepar but I have read that he is not for beginners. Sallos is nice and peaceful but he can be a trickster.

@johnbad have you worked personally with Sallos? What did you use his assistance for and what did he try to trick you into?

Well yes but it didnt go as planned. I messed up and he got angry. By trickster I mean that if you do something wrong like lusting for result for example, he will try to make something from it, so that he doesnt have his time wasted. But other than that if you evoke or invoke him properly and ask your petition he is very easy going. Btw give your offerings after the completion of the pact.

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@johnbad thanks that was very helpful. What are the offerings that Sallos and Zepar accept?

@anon86858314, thanks for your reply. You are talking about Zepar or Sallos?

I dk about Zepar but Sallos seemed to like a lot a cup of white wine.

@johnbad Thanks!

Sallos is more of a one stop shop for love and lust, Zepar teaches you how to get deep in a person’s mind and force them to your will, both psychologically and magickally. That’s just my experience though


@Nolan_Toney Thanks

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@Bizarre very interesting thread, thanks. I have the DOM book, Think I’ll try to do an evocation tonight… maybe in the next couple of hours as it is already 12 midnight where I am :slight_smile:

I think Zepar’s a good bit easier to handle than Sallos. He’s slightly more influential in the pseudomonarchia on top of that.

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I hope this isn’t a derail but I didn’t think I needed to start a separate thread … I am curious about Beleth versus Zepar.

Oh I forgot to say, is there a way to call on multiple demons at once to see who wants to respond or work with you?


Yes, you can evoke multiple spirits at once.

My understanding is that Sallos can compel someone into action w/ great lust and passion. Gremory can do this too, but Gremory also works well with people already in a relationship. So if you want someone who’s with someone else, Gremory might be the way to go. I’ve gotten results from Gremory - astounding results actually - and also Dantalion (more about surveillance). I really like to know where I stand with someone BEFORE I started summoning demons randomly. Dantalion revealed where I stood in some pretty awesome ways!


How did you know?

Nicely explained!