Sallos & Invocation

Three weeks ago my ex and I broke up.

It has devastated me - As a result, I got back into magick, and the Goetia.

I first tried summoning Dantalion, the third or fourth try saw me trying to sleep, with a bright flash (almost like lightning) arcing across my closed eyes, instantly causing me to feel terrified.
Things got worse with my ex.

I tried summoning Zepar continuously last year, which I feel lead to me getting over my ex, and find my soulmate, my ex girlfriend.

I then moved on to summoning Sallos, and have been trying to invoke him over the last week once a day - Offering water, sandlewood incense, a photograph of my ex, three pure 925. silver rings and, once the deed is done, my soul and services, whilst being polite and using the demon invocation thread as mentioned on here, BALG, and his enn.

Last night I signed the sigil with my blood, and have been using the bloodsoaked sigil to summon him since - My power of visualisation is poor, and do not know how to read signs that he has heard or understood my requests

I aim to continue trying once a day, every day, until the deed is done, and have mentioned this to Sallos - I feel stronger in myself, and can only thank Sallos for this, as I believe that is him helping me, but I need to find a way of communicating, I often ask politely if he wishes to communicate, with no avail?

The sigil I have drawn is around 10x10cm, now soaked in blood

Is there any advice any of you can offer me?

I have tattooed Dantalions sigil on my skin, and have offered Sallos the same once the deed is done

When you say you are “invoking” I assume you mean you are actually evoking, as in trying to summon to physical presence?


You should probably backup on the offerings you’ve already offered way too much to an entity you’ve received nothing from, not even an acknowledgement of your request. Do you understand how desperate and pathetic this would look if someone was doing it that wanted something from you?

EDIT: I would burn the sigil while focusing on terminating all contracts. The relationship you’ve formed with Sallos is too toxic to continue where it’s gone. Start fresh from a place of power.


Perhaps, you could try rituals from Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield. There are a few important tips in there, in my opinion you are missing. Please don’t take offence as I empathise your situation and wanted to help.

Also, the next one is not directed at you specifically, only thinking out loud. I don’t quite understand why people try to get back with their exes against their will when we have such phenomenal powers at our disposal to get in relationships with better suited people. Instead of people who caused us to feel terrible, why not choose the opposite.

Don’t get me wrong. I remember how terrible, rejected, devalued, betrayed, disgusted, angry and sad I felt when I broke up with the girl I thought was my soulmate. That was my first teenage love (figures, right). That’s exactly why I don’t want her back, knowing all the pain I’m in, she still married another guy. I don’t want that girl to be life partner for sure. Just a thought.


Yes exactly, my mistake entirely

This is totally fair!

To be honest, you’re not wrong, but I want to explore this avenue regardless

UPDATE: Last nights ritual was interesting, upon starting the process, the flame started to crackle drastically

Upon ending the ritual, I checked the time, it was 03:52, is this of any significance?

As I started to fall asleep right after, I had a vision right in front of my eyes that my ex was trying to call me, I sat up, thanked Sallos, and went back to sleep, enjoying the best sleep I have had in weeks

Please don’t forget to complete your introduction by answering the questions I have asked.

Trying this all again tonight

I’m really dedicated to this happening, and feel really good about it all


Workings with the goetia are beautiful and inspiring


I summoned Sallos again this evening, I made my intentions clear, 3 times and then spoke to him as if he were an old friend. Upon asking for communication, the candle flared brightly before my closed eyelids - Incense smoke was a perfect still trail, travelling upward.

I finished, and checked the time - It was 00:22