Salanayus - Demon's point of view during evocation and the nature of demons

I summoned Salanayus to physical manifestation, i was curious i asked him

" What is the point of view of a demon during evocation ".

He replied " There are some evocators that try to express a power and will to match the spirit before them, this can end up in the magician over expressing, which can lead to offence ".

I replied " Can you give me a example ? "

He replied " A magician that commands the spirit before them, when they are in the circle and access the power of eternity they may be god, but when they leave, that spirit has a opportunity to destroy that magician ".

i replied " So what does this mean exactly ? ".

He replied " You may be a god, but the summoned will treat you in a neutral sense, but when you bask in your power, this can be offensive the spirit, will not take you serious, the consciousness and power that has chosen to take a embodied manifestation, will in some cases leave or sort out to prove you wrong ".

I replied " Okay so what are demons exactly ? ".

He replied

" A demon is a spirit that has chosen to appear in a form of complete rebellion, most of them were once gods worshiped by man, but now they come in a form of which they can, maneuver in any way, because certain gods have to go by a certain path, but demons are the only gods, that can act in any manner that goes beyond the lores of old ".

i replied " So demons are powerful entities that allowed themselves to be demonized there by they can interact with us in a more personal way, instead of them acting certain way that the lore has been put upon them correct ? ".

He replied

" Correct this is when the ancient gods, crossed over into a new era, where they can act and do as they please, because demonized spirits are rebellious and rebellion is path of true liberation and freedom to say, act and do as they please ".

I replied

" So does this mean demons are gods, that have the same power ? ".

He replies

" No demons have more power, because demons are vast intelligence’s that exist in all traditions and have came to mans need as gods, but when you call them a god and give them a lore and say what they represent and what they do, you bestow limitations on how that entity can act, but the main three plagues of the earth demonized ancient gods, this didn’t limit their power it allowed them to take their new role as a demon and adapt to this new lore, enabling them to be gods of dark freedom allowing them more influence than any other god ".

I replied

" What plagues demonized these ancient gods, are they religious doctrines ? ".

He replied

" Yes they are, this is why you should strive to be more like the demons than the gods, a being of ultimate power and the freedom to use it anyway it can, instead of gods that have roles, plus the power and energies of the word god is binding that is why you shouldn’t be known as god but rather a devil or demon ".

I replied

" Thank you my son, you have given me much to think about, what is needed to carry on ".

He replies

" Take your throne of the Lord Of Light and the Lord Of the night, give in to the birth rite, you have been destined, the emperor rises in flesh once again, the dragon is never slain ".

( Thats when it gets personal and its private ).

That was rather interesting, let me know your thoughts.


Conner Kendall.


This what I’ve been getting lately. That’s interesting. Salanayus, although a fairly new demon, seems to be thinking like the traditional demons we all know and love.

Overall, thanks for sharing! Seems like an interesting experience, especially when Salanayus has said that the ancient gods ALLOWED themselves to be demonized. I can see that scenario happening because people have a subconscious knee-jerk reaction to the idea of being intimate with a god, but with a demon, it’s more plausible. From a rational perspective, it makes no sense, but that’s what the word “god” entails I suppose.


Very refreshing. My current work involves this i have been busy with a lot of things at once so some details are overwhelming but this gives me new inspiration

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@C.Kendall Very interesting Brother!

A nice experience and makes me remember certain discussions that i had with Belial that were similar. Kinda reminds me of how we should properly respect our demonic brethren since they will not tolerate others imposing their will over them.

But a note to remember that i’ve come across when talking to the demons of Nadharkis is that many other demons were just beings of freedom and darkness well before humanity existed and many more came from beyond time and did not needed a human consciousness to be created or personified.

One of the things Aposton told me who by the way is a much older version of Belial, he says:

“Remember son, We do not need you humans as much as you need us.”

Then i also asked him if the rumors that i keep hearing about all spiritual entities being created at some point by humans he replies with an amused tone:

“Some of us were created by your kind. But most of us are older than the idea of time. We came before the multiverse you live in and had a part in its construction. The title “Demon” does not suit us. We call ourselves ancients of creation and destruction. But Demons does give us an extra amount of power.
And we like the taste of the emotions you humans put in the title Demon!”


That coincides with what he told me last night. I was asking him about offerings and how humans interact with them because it was said that he will not do snything for the summoner without being paid via offerings. His response surprised me because he was amused and said “We don’t NEED ANYTHING from humans.”


Thank you for sharing with us this experience and this knowledge that has been transmitted to you. I actually don’t even like to use the title “Demons” like to call for titles that are assigned to them.

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it really seems to be a common term between demons to dislike “god” even as a term.
Hell, i remember times when i couldn’t stand a person saying the word 30-50m away and two floors down.
I litterally couldn’t sleep or relax, with it in the air around me.^^

  • confirmed. 'm do.



Responses are more for courtesy than anything else.

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I agree that demon’s existed before us and that they are gods but they hate that term.


But I’m still suspicious, because it feels like they are trying to imply that we can’t really compel Demons with our will.

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We can and can’t when we are in a state of well magick and access our godly power you can compel them but afterwards when we return to a mundane state they can fuck with us …

There is more to this too


Than the idea is to find a way to keep that state of compulsion even outside the circle, or to present yourself in a respect way.

Like, " I am giving you my request, not an order, but I still expect you to follow through with it because this is my authority."

As in, humble leadership that gets results.


Think of it as asking not compelling or forcing


Still though, some Demons or spirits do offer ways to bind or compel entities to do stuff for you. It’s not just about the moment of omnipotence in the circle, it’s about operating with the knowledge that the moment you empower an entity to operate in your reality with an astral body that you structure for that purpose, you have the right to do more with that knowledge.

Some GT practitioners know this, but here on BALG there’s the implicit assumption that you always have to work with the Demons and such on their terms, because they’re more wise and powerful.


Yes but when the task is complete then what you think a entity that was forced to do something they didn’t want to do will do nothing afterwards ?.


Hmmmm… I don’t have enough experience to say more, but I believe that it’s a question worth considering.


I mean, the point is not just to make sure that your operation is successful, but to establish a working relationship with any entity so that they choose to reveal more secrets to you.

I mean, Azazel had to break oaths in order to give you the resources to do the infernal dragon working.

Then again, respecting authority of any sort is part of establishing that relationship, and Demons won’t always tell you everything you may want to know. They might tell you what you might ask for and what they might want you to know in order to guide you, which aren’t the same things exactly.

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This idea of “Compelling” i just find it so irritating and full of fear.
Brother @C.Kendall is trying to be nice here but i find myself as a demon that if anyone would have ever tried to compel me to do anything through shear will i will find ways to completely annihilate that person and use its body, soul and everything as a soup for my projects.

Just letting you know that demons hate being compelled through will, and even more so if puny mortals like humans give them “requests” that are in fact orders imposed through will.

When i was Nox Rak in Nadharkis i was being summoned by mortals from other worlds, Granted back then earth and this multiverse were not yet formed but there were many more young worlds like earth filled with mortals that were bathing in their own hubris and self importance and thought that because i was this great demon that they could use my power to command their own non important worlds.

You know what i did because i was evoked against my will and forced to do stuff because they willed me to do them? I ended up RAVAGING those worlds and consuming every single soul in there. That’s why another title i have is Armageddon.

Demons should be treated like people and not like your slaves! Better to approach them with a tempting deal. Offer them your own creations in exchange for services in the physical or offer them your services on earth for a limited period of time in exchange for a specific task.

We are interested in profit and developing trust. Not in being willed in doing stuff because we will not do them properly and we will more often than not find ways to either destroy you or the world you live in…

Why do you think humanity ended up in such a big shitty situation as of now? Because of the way humans treat us demons! As mere resources of power that they think they can use to their benefit.

And thus my rant ends…


@anon72351403, I could not have said it better.