Salanayus - Demon's point of view during evocation and the nature of demons

There’s a certain hypocrisy in that attitude. It’s the idea that when humans evoke demons, they shouldn’t expect anything to happen if they try to compel them with their own will. They shouldn’t treat them as mere resources for power. They should treat them as people.

However, you also said that because those puny mortals did so, you feel justified in your actions to use other people as mere resources for your projects.

You are willing to reduce other people to being mere resources, using your will and power purely because that’s what your own power allows you to do.

The only difference is the amount of power that you have, that’s what allows you to set the terms for how other people should work with you.

However, what I am suggesting is to shed the idea that we are merely human beings existing in a world shared by other people. Many spirits themselves will tell you that You ARE the center of the universe, your godself that is, it is the godself that does magick and that evokes spirits whenever they appear to you. Moreover, it is because of your own godself that you are manifesting the entire contents of the Void around you purely for your own ascent. The intelligences, human beings, and spirits around you all dance to YOU.

You are the ALL and the ALL does the evoking, similarly, it is the power of the ALL embodied in the magician, capable to break any and all limits imposed on how you want to conduct business, whether it’s by people saying, “ Oh that’s all nonsense, just accept that demons are spirits are sooooo beyond you. You don’t really have much power.”Or people saying, “ Oh, infinity and the Void, just merge with it man.”

For me, it’s about asserting my own will to find what I want out of the world. Does that mean that I think that my human self has that power? Pffff no. But it does mean that I have the right to claim the power to have the entire world move around me, inside ritual and out.


This is why you gain a working relationship with a certain god or demon …

The individual isn’t truly all powerful they are just unlimited potential the all is inside us, so we must develop our abilities and unlock those dormant hidden potentials.


I understand that. However, it is only just potential if you look at it from the perspective that it isn’t already being active at all points in your life.
It only appears as potential because we’ve yet to obtain conscious control over those abilities.

It’s not as if the power isn’t already actualized.

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It’s not just that it requires realization then practice …

Power and Knowledge never truly developed to truest potential …

We aren’t Gods We are " Becoming " Gods hence The mantra " Become a Living God ", because ascent is a process of expanding.


It is an infinite process of evolution. Becoming ever more powerful and infinite as you grow.
Three elements to reach: Omnipotence, Omnipresence, Omniscience. All infinite and all out of reach but one being is always in the process of gaining more of those three main attributes.


Thats what I have been told. But no one ever seems to take it seriously


It may be if you take out of the equation my emotion > Revenge.

Revenge for being forced to do stuff that i did not wanted to do and for the fact that i was not left in peace to exist as i want.

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Ive always enjoyed using the term demon, however using etiquette ive referred to them as gods. Nothing ever came from it.

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Personally speaking I never liked referring to to them as Demons or Devils and at times I cringe at the term Gods and Goddesses those terms are man made. I prefer either entities or deities. My intuition tells me to stay away from evocation and stick to invocation. I don’t need to tell any of you this but for the sake of conversation I will. With invocation you call the entities/deities into you like a controlled possession, you get to know and they get to know you on a personal level. But with out a doubt in is all about respect, we are in training to be where they are now.


Thank you C.Kendall, you are tapped into an authentic source of true demonic power. Use it wisely.

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