Saint Anger round my neck

Hello people.
I wonder how you deal with negative reactions and opinions on you from other people.How to calm it and balanc it.
I’ve always been different from others plus an extra bonus I am in rising Scorpio sign ascendant.
I try to calm my mind through meditation or sigils and other exercises but sometimes when it’s happening I blow up angry and it is over. It is sometimes very difficult to control my mind and anger.heavy mental training not to take things personally from others.
Sarcasm is very popular in our country and a lot of people in my neighborhood speak ugly and my friends sometimes make fun of me that they will go beyond this humor line and it ceases to be funny.
When somebody scolds me and starts to go beyond, I just can’t tell him with a smile that I doesn’t take it personally and that I’m calm.
How do you deal with derision and slander things?

When you can’t deflect that energy at the time, just get yourself to a clear space and let it pass out of your system on it’s own. It’s not your energy, you don’t ant it and doesn’t serve you, so it will dissipate.


ive had same problems, its difficult

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I listen to Metallica.

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I cut those people out of my Life. I don’t have time for asshats. I also don’t tell anyone in my regular life what I believe. I keep that for me. Otherwise, I’d have all sorts of problems.

Once I’m angry (Scorpio), I have to do something to reduce how long it lasts. I typically exercise or do something like using hand tools for small wood projects so that it takes a long time and I can work out some frustrations.

I have done some breathing and meditation exercises I was taught for PTSD and they help, but aren’t as satisfying as doing something physical.

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