Sacred Geometry and its magick uses


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There are many layers to sacred geometry spanning various systems. It is also interesting to see the connection between geometry, sound and language…
And being able to affect change in each… An example would be the shape of a torus (donut shape)… Depending on the spin and rotation, sacred language letters are found within the structure itself…(especially enochian)…

Now, regardless of what some think about Enochian magick, whether it was delivered by angels, or entities some christians would perceive as demons or some other intelligent entity, or John Dee and Edward Kelly themselves… Though it seems too complicated of a system for two people to fake channel… In any case, the system works, and the geometries involved are mindblowing in their perfection.

The link above is to a researcher of sacred geometry and many other things…

Also, I have a theory that if you take certain geometric structures, particularly in 3D/4D, taking into account both space and time, and overlay them on various maps, they are star charts, coordinated, directions to things and events…both on earth and cosmically…


Oh wow, glad to see this kind of post about corners!!

I actually had a question about this kind of thing which seems to be answered. just have to make sense of it.

My wife, when she was a kid, had an experience which involved corners. I’d have to ask again to get refreshed, but I think the gist of it was that there was a room she slept in at her grandmas house. Think it was originally a storage room that was converted into a room. I know she was afraid to sleep in the room but since it’s been awhile since she told me, the only other thing I remember about this topic was that she had 2 large dogs that slept with her one night. That night she awoke for no reason and found that both dogs were awake, standing, and growling at a corner near a window.

Probably off topic, but what sort of significance do corners give to spirits? Going off of my wifes childhood experience I was most intrigued by this but havent found anything on the web, at least pertaining to what I was looking for.


There was probably a less than friendly presence in the corner the dogs could see, and sounds like she felt it too.

Like Arcane said above, if corners can act as crossroads or gateways,which makes sense with them being a liminal space, then corners can be used as portals, but there’s not enough info to know here if that’s what was going on.


Sacred Geometry is great! If you’re ever having trouble formatting magic, turn off your thoughts and scan over some sacred geometrical shapes. The one that works best for what you’re after will stick out to your senses! From there, you can make a ritual with the shape as an overhead map, or use them like sigil slingshots to turn up the manifestations. :slight_smile: