Root center breathing exercise for sexual attraction. from women

Take a deep breath, pushing it way down into the deepest parts of your diaphragm. Then hold it as you will and image the extra energy of the breath directed all the way down to your root chakra, then flowing out the chakra as a surge of bright red energy that curves down, then up and around, completing a great sphere of the red energy all around the outer sedge of your aura, and red entering your body through your crown center. when it feels necessary , let out your breath and take another one as deep or deeper, but keep the image of the bright and glowing and flowing in your aura. 10 minutes of this should have you feeling full of pep and indeed mildly 'turned on '. Then you ready for the new power. Do the Visualization provided at 'MORE ELOBRATE VISUALIZATION in our Main product.

The exercise gives you red aura.

Why this works ; Root chakra is for manifestation and red colour is for lust and sexual love . So you are manifesting lust and sexual love in this method.

COMMENTS :- This is General sexual seduction and White magick

This method Brought me nearly 15 women on bed in 90 days.


You took this instruction from a book or course of some kind.

We don’t have access to MORE ELOBRATE VISUALIZATION, F of SET A, or ENERGY ACTIVATIONS, so this instruction will be of limited use to BALG.


Interesting method; and not a single love potion in sight. :+1:


So basically, you put the four sigils and a photo of someone you want on a radionic machine?

I have 3 radionic machines and i use them all the time. They’re very useful.

Tell you what - fuck it - i don’t do love magick, but i’m always up to test stuff out.

Let me throw these sigils on my machine and we’ll see if they have any actual power.

I don’t need to join anything. I’ve been doing radionics pretty much daily for this entire decade and i know what i can do with this shit.

Let me test your sigils. I’ll put these sigils on and broadcast them for 3 days. Will report back within 30 days if they worked, or not.

Only a full irl lay in those 30 days will count as a success. Anything less than that they don’t work. Deal?

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So basically, you put the four sigils and a photo of someone you want on a radionic machine?
You should insert photo of yourself because it will gives increase your sexual attraction.

I have 3 radionic machines and i use them all the time. They’re very useful.
My be you can use.

Can you use the RAD 5, if so, what rates or frequencies to use?

Dear members, This is not my method and website is not mine.

Are you kidding me? A RAD 5 is overkill - 5 x 3 dial settings is like bringing a nuke to a fistfight

My machine only has 1 x 3 dials and no power source, it’s solar powered. Compared to your Lambo i’m riding a unicycle.

When i don’t know rates to use i run mine open, meaning i leave it at 0-0-0.

You can also use the stick pad and a pendulum to find your own rates for the sigils. To do that, you put the sigil in the ring and turn a dial while holding a pendulum over the stick pad. You keep doing this until the pendulum starts moving. Or, if you use your fingertip on the stick pad to lightly draw a circle while you concentrate on the sigil and turn a dial. When your finger feels ‘stuck’ to the pad, you stop turning and take that rate down. Do this for all 3 (or up to 15) dials and you’ll have your rate(s).

So i put one of the four sigils on my trend pad and a command. On my target pad i had a photo of myself and someone i know. Ran the dials open (0-0-0) and let the machine do its thing.

Woke up in the middle of the night having vivid dreams with her.

The website looks cheesy, but the sigils work and they work fast to get you a connection. It’s not the full connection i usually get when i know something is working, but close enough to it that i know something is going on.

I set my machine at 11:30pm EST on September 24, 2019. Will update when something tangible happens.

This is not the place to link commercial websites of post material other people are selling. I have Unlisted this so the people who replied can still see the topic, and removed the link.

Please do NOT post these links again!

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Dear Lady_Eva, Actually I took the permission of the website owner to post this technique. But they said to post only the method not tools relevant tools. . Ok i will not post the website link again

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Okay, I have made it Listed. :slight_smile:

What confuses me is that the chakra claimed to be activated is the Root Chakra dealing with Survival.

Should this not activate the Sacral Chakra for passion and pleasure?

Combine with the emperor’s experiments thus far and the initial method seems bait to switch you to pay for the actual functioning radionics.

Dear emperor, Did you got sigils activated from them by providing you details like your full name and date of birth.

Dear Sigfried, Yes , You need to activate sacral chakra too. Your root chkara is the main. Actually they provide many energy activations. I have used some of them which activates all chakras. There is specific energy activation for this method exclusively

Well after asking this, I sought my own answers and did this method focusing solely on the Sacral. I was already being prodded by my Valkyrie to summon her through her bindrune, but after this…

So if I went more confidence can I do this with what chakra represents confidence , yellow?

I suggest you go for the solar chakra for confidence. :slight_smile: