ROLL CALL - Group Working - Lost and Found

Goal: A group working with the following purpose - to find lost and missing children, return them to a safe home (or create a safe home for the overflow of those without one), bring instant death to the perpetrators.

Three teams involved -
A-Team - Spirit summoners that functions as search and rescue extraction and logistics (transport)

B–Team - Necromancers and baneful workers to bring INSTANT death to the perpetrators.

C-Team - Witches, whitelighters, RHPers act as intake coordinators that protect the found, return the found to safe homes, or create safe homes for the overflow/those without a safe home.


Spirit lists and more details will be coming soon.


This sounds good my advice tho once you assemble your teams go private message or at least to the lounge.
Everyone can read the forum .
And everyone is not wanting to help unfortunately.

But I think this is a good idea and can work.


Thank you @Eye_of_Ra … We need a lot of power behind this.


A few things to factor in:

  1. sometimes someone will have taken a child from abusive parents where they could not get social services or where CPS in their region is non-existent, or, worse, where it’s a feedline to institutionalised abuse. Those people may have risked their liberty already to save a child no-one else was coming to help, they must surely be excluded from this

  2. Instant death to the perps seems a bit risky, both for this reason, also it’s not factoring in cases where the kid loves that adult, especially lost children, in the many global war zones that also don’t have a functioning CPS system, or many other less-than-optimal situations where the state is still not acting as a benevolent and all-wise overseer…

  3. what about kids that are no longer kids - do they have to go home as well? Could be a real mindfuck if they were stolen too young to remember their original family. In the UK courts (wrongfully) try to get children removed by CPS adopted early so the parents never get them back. This is horrific, but to return a child taken in babyhood, many years later, could be a disaster for all concerned, even though it’s also valid to call them stolen

  4. what about dead kids? Deceased people can go kinda screwy, and become outright malevolent, sending their souls home to their parents may cause big problems all round, especially if they try to commandeer any other children in the house as a vessel, or strike out at them in rage

  5. kids grow up, many abusers were once abused, even abducted and indoctrinated, making this too black-and-white ignores that fact, instant death also cuts out law enforcement and I can think of several situations where that would do more harm than good

  6. define “kids”: legal minor and cannot drink (under 21 in some locations), over the age of consent (12 in some locations); also, it may be best to define geographical locations, and the issue of consent - some children will have been removed from abusive homes with neither the parent or the child consenting, but where it was in reality the best move to protect the child, and give them a chance to grow up healthy.

So not to be nit-picky but I see that wording as needing significant fine-tuning and more detail on what’s intended, at the moment it’s a bit of a blunt instrument, and magick can be VERY legalistic in terms of how the wording will be adhered to exactly, even if it causes damage. :+1:


I agree. This is something that has to be done with surgical precision not a nuke.


I’m in


Yeah … I’m going to take names from the tmw posts and this post (including likes) as first invites to the final PM as well.


Provisional suggestion, keep the statements positive (without words like “no” and “not”), something like a joint incantation:

Where the parent loves the child, let them come
where the child needs the parent, let them come
where home is safest, no matter how it’s founded, let them come.

All the lost and stolen children, let them come
All the lost and stolen children, to their home
All the lost and stolen children, raised with love

To a place of health and loving
to flourish and to grow

Where the taker was in malice, let them burn
where the taker was corrupted, let them turn themselves in
where the taker acted kindly, may their kindness be rewarded

All the lost and stolen children, take them home
All the lost and stolen children, safe and warm
All the lost and stolen children, bring them love

Let the wrath of every goddess be turned upon those who stole a child in malice or for profit.

Let the hand of every devil turn against those who defiled

And let the children’s tears be dried, let the children’s faces smile.

Just an idea. :smiley:


Awesome … I will definitely include that :slight_smile:

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It’s like the idea of keeping affirmations positive, “I enjoy my healthy lifestyle” not “I never drink vodka for breakfast any more” :rofl: and also for someone who was doing that, they need a new thing to do at breakfast, not same old routine and try to substitute tea for vodka without changing anything, some people can do that but most people need a positive new thing and not just the absence of an old thing if you see what I mean.


Perhaps an additional verse …

For those children now deceased
May they find heaven, love and peace …
For those who murdered those kids
May they be quartered and demons take dibs …


That was beautiful


That would be where my godform comes in, trapping them, where they cannot return or reincarnate. Part of nine duties lol.


In case some of the people behind it are magicians or have some in staff, I am including two more squads …
D-Team – Defense against magic attacks and obscuring energy/divinations
E-Team – Medical and energetic healing.

One more squad –
F-Team – Deals with beauracratic issues, public relations, financial issues (take away from perpetrators and their support first and foremost, funding anything else).

We will also need to involve the Emperor, the gatekeepers, the kings, and troops and legions from goetia.

I can create seals for some lesser known angels for C-Team and invocations for them.

As far as BMoA, Norse, Necromancy, Cabal, etc, I have no experience so I’m hoping we can include old BALG members as well, and include all categories.

I’m going to include a section for newbies, as I want as much power generated as possible.

I disagree wholeheartedly. Let the world burn and reconstruct from the ashes. I feel a common misconception is that we can fix things without causing suffering. From where I sit this is simply not true. Eradicate the perpetrators unilaterally and let the aftermath sort itself out over time.


Kill 'em all and let their God sort 'em out. :+1:

I’m down to help; I’ll take any kind of magickal practice for a noble cause.


There is a fair point. Say the perpetrators are magicians or employ them…
Any time for a counter or preemptive strike they would use, and say the worlds elite are in on the acts, who would.jail them?

In the words of our founding fathers, “the tree of liberty is fed on the blood of patriots.” Not so different in this case. We jail them, or destroy them, or find our own destruction in the process. Either way, it is no longer our problem.

Or, less eloquently, if you want to make an ommlette you have to crack a few eggs. I can think of no great achievement of our species that did not cost a river of blood.