Robotic Voice

Someone is trying to contact me, twice within few hours. The first I was about to go to bed and I heard a distant robotic male voice and the second it was few minutes ago when a loud female robotic voice woke me up. Both of the times I was facing south if that matters and both times couldn’t understand a thing. Am I going crazy or what? I do sense a higher level of activity in my room the past 2 days, but what’s that robotic thing?? P.S. sorry for any mistakes I’m half asleep here…


I’ve actually experienced the same thing once!
It was so weird. I was right about to fall asleep too when this robotic female voice started reading me the definition of transgender…???
So weird. But when it came there were many… many spirits in my room.
NO IDEA the significance. Just thought I’d share what happened with you so youd have some validation.


…Did you told her its not the right time to analyse that topic? Lol… Like really, there goes my sleep… :unamused:

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Terrence McKenna once got into contact with interdimensional beings he called machine elves.


In my experience most angels have near robotic voices. North is usually the direction of the infernal. South may be angelic I don’t know.

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Ok and here we go again, male voice this time. Well, at least they allowed me to sleep for 4 hours… @Zurvan did he said what they wanted? I’m starting getting a bit pissed here… @Kassapu I’m not working with angels but I did a LBRP 2 days ago could it be the reason?

It’s not the opposite?


I would assume it is, however I’m not certain.

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In my practice north is infernal, south angelic. It works very well and the spirits I work with connect to it


I was thinking to keep it for my grimoire, but why not share it after all, could help others with the same issue: The first 2 times I was facing South. After the second time, I was able to sleep for the next 4 hours.

I had a dream, in which it was dark and big dark Hebrew letters hang from the wall above my altar (I don’t know the language but I assumed its a sentence and not just random letters). Small candle lights were shining above the letters, like tea lights. And right bellow (where my altar is) there was a single big deep blood red candle with a huge impressive flame. I really liked that candle and the flame it was making and then I realised this is not my candle and was wondering where did it came from.

At that point I woke up for the 3rd and last time from a male robotic voice but it was a bit closer like talking close to my ear and slightly more clear. Yet still I couldn’t understand what it says. I was facing North when I woke up. I closed my eyes again, clearly annoyed, and while I was about to fall asleep (was really tired lol) I get transferred in that dream again, this time I don’t see any candles or letters just the dark room lit with candle lights and a male voice says loudly as It was talking right next to me “You should work with both forces, so you have better results”.

And that’s when I woke up for good and wrote here the last time. Now, the robotic voices were 100% real, no doubt about that. I’m uncertain for the dream tho, cause I was studying some books for the occult whole night plus I checked a books about the Golden Dawn, so it could just be my subconscious and nothing more. But the dream was so vivid so I have no Idea…


I haven’t listened to it in a while but I think this is the vid:

I’m trying very hard to keep watching this video, he sounds extremely high in levels that pisses me off to no more… I’ll edit this comment when I finish listening him, but up till now he just speaks about…many things with no order that aren’t necessary connected with each other and that have nothing to do with what I experienced.

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Those are a DMT thing? You go visit them on a trip while on that drug, they don’t come into this reality that I’ve ever heard of.

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Yea he was keep talking about DMT in that video, and even tho many Dark Magicians are using drugs and I’m fine with it, their choice after all, sounds a bit hard to me to experience the same things if not under those drugs. And I’m not using any except well…cigs and coffee :stuck_out_tongue:

I think we can be visited in the dream state since the brain does have some DMT of its own. I’ve experienced entities like the ones McKenna’s has encountered in dreams and when using meditation. Drug free too.

I don’t know that you’re experiencing the DMT elves. Anyone I read that talked about them said they’re only available via DMT. I lost interest in them really - novel but too chaotic to be useful, and I don’t go the drug route - I can’t even do weed, the Deva of Marijuana isn’t interested in working with me so I don’t get high off it, which is a waste, and I don’t partake out of respect.

Anyway, lots of spirits that never incarnate as human sound robotic, like angels as noted. ^^ I’ve ‘heard’ voices too just mine weren’t robotic. It takes practice and skill to emulate a human voice - sound waves require matter, and a voicebox vibrates air - it’s pretty technically complex to ‘fake’ that. I think you’re actually hearing them and not your interpretation of the gnosis of them filtered through your systems.

But you know someone is trying to get your attention because they want to talk to you, if/when you go meet them you could ask?

Have you tried to interact with the entity, like when you hear the voice ask “Who are you?”

We’re talking about Spirits that exist for thousands of years, one would assume they’ve learned already how to emulate the human voice. Unless they need to adjust it according to each individual, and that’s why we get the robotic voice… Haven’t heard them all day, last “connection” was around 7:00am, now we shall see tonight even tho I doubt that I’ll hear them for second night in a row.

@In_Between_Worlds Yes actually the first time, I did asked, just not out loud. I thought the question. No answer. The other 2 times, well…they interrupted my sleep, the only thing I thought was “oh maaan, again??” :joy:

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The visions and voices are spirits responding to your rituals. The visions are obvious regarding how you worship and how through voicing that change as your requests and goals are unclear to the spirits. Try to refocus and be specific in your ritual requests.