Riyiel and astratoth question

The Magick of angels and demons, I work with this book I will usually do meeting rituals, Okay, he stated that this angel and demon can work together, they are brothers after all, and the war was a long time ago.

I want them to fully open my astral senses and merge my astral physicality with my real life In this way, I can start my vampirism a little faster and improve a little more in astral projection, I have never done it before.

My question is, for example I will call Riyiel like this (REE-EE-ELL), (ASS-TAR) -OTH) astratoth is like that too, but wouldn’t it make more sense if I read astraroth’s enn instead?

I would be very happy if she could give information about those who have worked with Astaroth before and tell me what she can do.

I use this book and every ritual was successful for me , I advice you to trust the method wholeheartedly and as author has mentioned in the book it is uncertain that LBRP , enns , candles or any other things will improve or weak the ritual therefore use the sigils only if you ask me.
When you are calling them they absolutely will hear you .


A low vibrational voice that expands on the focal point of extending the enn by its genuine pronouncing of words and letters is very significant on the hear-able plane of getting and wrapping the association with your deity. I work the Caanite Warrior Goddess Astarte.

I can say that working with the enn alone alongside contributions and offerings will assist you with getting the experience and explicit inclination that you require. You are not far from it.


Based on my experience, I can say that Astaroth can help in working out and understanding your internal blocks associated with various areas of life.

In addition, he can help develop your magical abilities (for example, clairaudience, possibly clairvoyance).

Can partially solve issues related to career and health.

Can predict the future (for example, the outcome of a certain situation).


Yok, I would follow the steps in the book, as that provides a solid foundation of structured experience. Once you obtained experience by utilizing that specific system (the book you mentioned) You could then experimenting with different methods.


I want to merge my astral body and my physical body, And fully develop my astral senses or chakras, can you say an exemplary being?

What a highly clairvoyant can see and do?

I don’t know exactly where this thread is going or exactly what methods you are using to control (and protect yourself from) Astaroth, but let me tell you, this is not a demon/goddess like any of the others. I’m warning you about the Astaroth chain. Now, the poison breath, all of that stuff, I know people go, yeah right, like some demon is actually going to show up and breathe poison on me. Well, the whole thing is, Astaroth has a way with words, what I mean is he/she speaks in half-truths.

Now, you are like, what is so dangerous about some words on paper, or on a computer screen, its just a bunch of stuff, and if it is nonsense then so what. The problem is she knows exactly what to say to drive you, or any other person insane, and by that I mean completely delusional in pursuit of your goals. Now, you will get them, but you may not like the method, and you might realize the result at the end is not a thing that you want either.

Unlike demons such as Belial, or in fact most of the other demons, she gives 0 fucks, and doesn’t care about breaking people, you or anyone else.

Don’t think that I haven’t done a lot of work, that I didn’t conjure up and work with other entities before this one, but, this is a big but, you have to remember it all has to do with “making the philosophers stone.” now, the philosophers stone is bullshit, (but what do I mean by that, exactly, and this the the sort of problem that astaroth can get into and lead you down some sort of path.)

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That’s why I shouldn’t use astraroth to enhance my senses, ok i won’t use astaroth for this. But what other entity would you suggest that might take my senses a little further?

I’ve personally worked with Belial to enhance my senses. Other people have felt more comfortable working with Lucifer.

For example, I was wondering, I stated my request and she accepted it, For example, I want to raise my chakras and senses to a higher level so that I can more easily evoke, summon and But how is it going to do that, doesn’t it have to go into my body to enhance my senses to do it?

And what changes will I experience for what I will do with a great king?