River Goddess? Anyone have answers

I’ve searched for an understanding to help my client. The other shaman I sent my client to just called me about the experience.

Can someone actually be born with House of Cain and House of David?

Who is the Goddess of Rivers in the most ancient civilization to date?

This makes zero sense to the other shaman, nor myself, or my client. The spiritual side wouldn’t come out with a name. Only Auzu, which just means “river”. Anyone who can kindly explain, please do…

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Yeah, the only thing close to Auzu in that massive list was the god of the fresh water, About from Mesopotamia.

As for Christianic houses: it’s entirely possible Cain lived on and prospered beyond his banishment. This makes it possible that somewhere between then and now, Cain’s and David’s bloodline intertwined, perhaps even intentionally.

In Celtic lore, there are thousands of deities, and most of them are local and specific to natural features including wells, rivers and lakes. (Also roads, trees, rock formations, groves, etc) People made pilgrimages to commune with and receive healing from these spirits. E.g. Nimue.

These houses you mention are relatively new energy in comparison, being just a few thousand years young. So I might expect the river goddess you’re looking for to be of a specific river, and have a history that included that period when the houses were strong? At least, that’s where I’d start researching, and allow synchronicity and intuition to lead the way.

But yeah, the bloodlines exist if nothing else as a magickal concept, and that makes it real. I don’t see why it couldn’t be in the blood i.e. DNA too.

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Hiya OP! As mentioned by the others, Abzu is the Sumerian (iirc) deity of fresh waters and is the male Tiamat (spirits don’t have exact/set gender/sex most of the time). Being that it sounds an awful lot like the word you received you may want to check it out! :slight_smile:

As for the houses, yes, that’s nothing uncommon. Deep magical ancestries can be really confusing which is why most ancestral work travels down traditional or ‘normal’ lines; people don’t like working with their weird gruncles (@Lady_Eva is an exception) or hidden branches of the line that contain some of the more generally unacceptable folks, like sea scorpions, butterfly people, or magma giants. :slight_smile:

Though technically Abzu the God is a void God the primordial waters. Which isn’t literal water but chaos/void in its primal state. Same with Tiamat.

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The closest I got was Anuket, Nephthys, Satet and Tefnut, all from Egyptian mythology.

Tiamat could also count.

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Thanks for all the information.

My apologies for not posting sooner. My client definitely received a name and definitely not one she was expecting. Looking with her through her FB, I started laughing at the stupidity of some people. Trust me, she’s not trying to take anything or anyone away from another person. The last thing she’d want to do is rip out the heart of another. She’s been there and it’s not fun. Humanity is still intact.

She believes she received the wrong name. And is currently just living life. She’s drowning herself in the arts. For her protection and for privacy reasons, I’m not revealing the name.

I’ll be back to do more research.


She is definitely from the linage of Cain.

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Makes even more sense for the river connection, then! :slight_smile: